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Are Your a Terrorist?

Many of you have no doubt heard of the FBI's pamphlet on identifying domestic terrorism.  Perhaps you saw as I did the black and white copies floating around but wondered if these were simply manufactured on someone's personal computer.  I frankly thought the same when I first saw them and so I wrote to the FBI's office in Phoenix and received an anonymous and official reply from a nameless individual there.   

The tone of the letter I received back was both officious and rude.  "Yes" the brochure was printed by them but it went on to explain "the general public was not supposed to see it".  I wonder if that would be a defense to a traffic ticket "Yes officer, I was speeding but you weren't supposed to see me".   

The letter also went on to assure me that the brochures were never in fact distributed even though I and hundreds of others have seen them which begs the question:  "How did I get a copy of this brochure?"   

Now a color copy has surfaced and we have it here for all to see.  We ask that instead of copying the picture, you distribute a link to the page because we want to make people aware of more than just the brochure, we want to make them aware that there is a political party that is legitimate with a long history that is not only aware, it is doing something.  In addition to this brochure, those who receive the link from you will also find a website that is dedicated to the preservation of our Constitutional Republic and provides insight, commentary and resources to that cause. 

If you are convinced as I am that this brochure is real, let me ask you another question.  What are you going to do about it?  Will you continue to vote for Republican or Democratic candidates who will march us in lock step into tyranny or will you join with a party that still holds the Constitutionas the supreme law of the land? 

Will you join with a party that has as it's stated goal the intention of cleaning up and clearing out unaccountable bureaucrats and federal agencies whose very existence is not allowed by the law of the land?  Will you join with a party that believes in the civil rights of all citizens, not just those of the popular color or religion of the day?  Will you join with a party that does not engage in political expediency just to win but rather has determined that character does matter and that our every action must reflect the highest standards and character, whether it be a small or a large matter? 

Our founding fathers pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to the cause of freedom.  Some lost their lives, some lost their fortunes but NONE lost their sacred honor.  What have YOU done for the cause of freedom? 


Al Lorentz
Chairman of the Constitution Party of Texas
2 Febuary 2003

Click here to view the brochure


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