The POP ReportVol.1, #2

Did God Change the Lock?

The more I read current commentary about the times we live in and watch the mainstream news and Nightly Business Report and the News Hour on PBS and the History Channel and Discovery Channel on cable television, the more noticeable are two things. First I notice the absence of any discussion on the potential evil in government. And second, I notice depression in both those that believe that government has done and is capable of evil as well as those that don’t.

Those that control the media are those that also have the greatest influence over the state and federal governments in the united States of America. Those that hold this greatest influence over the so-called representatives of America are not interested in educating the masses about what government is and its limitations of power and taxation. Therefore what we see and hear in the mainstream is how government is going to save the people from all sorts of pending disasters such as terrorism, global warming, asteroid collision, pandemics and plagues, famine and volcanoes etc., etc., etc.

But what is mysteriously absent in this age compared to the era of our nation’s founding is any discussion of how government out of its constitutional confines can consume everything the people have including their lives, liberties and possessions of every kind. In early America there is not one account of any discussion of storms, volcanoes, famine, or pestilence in the Continental Congress or the Constitutional Debates. The sole topic of these conventions was the means of preventing tyranny and usurpation and factions and other forms of governmental disease. Today there are no warnings on the TV about tyranny and its looming signs; no warnings of usurpation about and who stole what power from who; no warnings about what official violated the constitution and what damage that had on the citizens. The media is completely silent on these issues in regard to all political parties as if errors in government no longer exist on planet earth.

Both those that believe the U.S. government can do no wrong and those that believe the U.S. government has completely gone astray seem to be without hope when they speak and believe that any virtue this society had to offer is no longer available or redeemable. The naïve believe that others in our society and foreigners are bent on the destruction of America. While those that believe America is beyond redemption already by government corruption believe that there are no solutions to the problem of this magnitude in the face of high technology in the hands of tyrants.

Now my question to both these depressed groups is, “did God change the lock? Or have we just misplaced the key in all the mayhem?” Yes indeed there are those who want to stop tyranny in our nation and abroad because it causes harm to our citizens and those of other nations. And yes the self-dissolved state and federal government uses high technology against the people surpassing all the ability of the people to respond with equal or superior force. But I ask you, is this not the very condition that every society through out history found itself in upon its awaking?

I am often asked when illuminating some government miscarriage, “Ron, if you think America is so bad, where would you rather live?” This question is a feeble attempt to misdirect the listeners from the merit of the complaint against corruption by casting a disparaging light on the patriotism of the complainant. But the correct answer to this question is surprising. I want to live where America was supposed to be by now. By now all Americans of every background and color should possess their life, liberty and own their own property without paying the government a continual fee to possess it. Our nation should be loved by all the freedom loving people of the earth who would want to defend liberty, have government recognize their property and to grow into our likeness.

But where do we live instead? We live where unlawful, unconstitutional wars are fought, where we pay taxes on our wages, the works of our own hands (, we pay the state an annual fee so we can stay in our homes and remain on our own land and in our own buildings we built with our own hands ( We pay annual fees and taxes to exercise our liberty to travel on the highways and byways that we paid to construct for our travel. We pay 50 to 60 percent of all that we produce to merely live in this place our forefathers once called “the land of the free and home of the brave.” Under the monarchs of Europe the surfs only paid 25% of their produce to the Lords yet their homes were safe as they had no ad valorem tax upon their land and homes.

So how do we get to where America should be by now? We get the key to unlock the door. The key is to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth as Jesus gave the disciples and when we use it we get the Rod of Iron and the Morning Star promised by Christ to all that would keep his works. And what is this Rod of Iron supposed to do? It was given to Christ, and now to us by Christ, to dash the nations to shivers (Rev.2:26-28). The Rod of Iron is the Principles of Property established by the protestant reformers and clergy to deliver God’s People from tyrannical monarchs, oligarchies, judges, executors, legislatures and democracies. And what is the Morning Star other than the hope of nations which those that hold the Key and the Rod of Iron attract. There is no more powerful force on earth than the Key, the Rod of Iron, the Principles of Property and the Morning Star. We who hold these powers will attract all people from all over the world to us and no high tech power on earth can stop it. The new day belongs to us if we just get the key, against which the gates of Hell shall not prevail, and put it in the lock and restore the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth in America. The Rod of Iron is the Principles of Property and they will dash all nations to shivers that resist their application including high tech America, England and Israel.

Unlike the tyrants, we pray to God that he protect the cosmos, the earth, the asteroids, the volcanoes and we promise to God that we will take care of our fellow men and respect their property and we thank him for granting us the authority to protect our lives, liberties and possessions with force. Amen

Ronald F. Avery © all rights reserved

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