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January 15, 2006

Texas Principles of Property Lesson
POP X PT = 0
by Ron Avery

Principles of Property Applied to Property Taxes Equals Zero


Every city in Texas requires that all electrical work in commercial buildings be done by a licensed electrician. Yet the citizens elect representatives that know absolutely nothing about the Principles of Property. This is like the Governor hiring a visionary artist to rewire the electrical system at the Capitol in Austin.

The Principles of Property in government are like the electricity in a circuit panel or circuit board. The circuit board or panel is government. When the government is designed correctly the electricity serves the people or citizens who created it. When others try to steal the power from the people and those they delegated to for their own will they short circuit the circuit board with disastrous results and fire.

There are many that try to reform government or repair the circuit board or panel who also do not know anything about the Principles of Property or the authority of the citizens (electricity). The result is the loss of many hours and good people with good intentions with no results or worse conditions then before they began the repairs.

We want to repair the government’s support system in a way that is correct that will not burn down the nation or state and will not shock the users, collectors and distributors. Most good intentioned people say they want a system that is more fair and equitable and just for all. If your electrician said, I will install your new power more justly and fairly for all the members of your family, would you let him proceed? Wouldn’t you rather hear something like, “I’ll just get this thing to light up and do what you want without burning up the occupants or your home.”

One cannot understand how to lawfully support government until they know what government is and how and why it is constructed. Government is constructed to protect the property of every citizen within it, consisting of the life, liberty and possessions of each citizen. Government has no other legitimate purpose. It is not a creative vehicle for the exercise of visions and designs for a better world or global harmony, etc. Government is constructed by the delegation of the authority that each citizen holds. The authority of each citizen is very limited. The government cannot obtain authority that is not in each citizen. The citizen has only the God Given Authority or Right to protect their Property consisting of life, liberty and possessions with force. Government is created by the delegation of the lawful authority of each citizen to protect their property. Therefore, government is a device to protect the property of each citizen lawfully made by the delegation of authority each citizen has from God to protect their property for the sole purpose of protecting the property of each and every citizen. Now that we know what government is and how and why it was created we can determine how to support it lawfully.

The Principles of Property reveal that the juice running around in the circuit board is really the authority of the people and that this authority cannot be generated by any other means than by the people or citizens from a written contract between them and those they delegate to have their authority. The juice or power cannot be generated by any means outside the contract for power or Constitution. The people prior to any written constitution do not have unlimited powers and are limited to that God Given Authority to protect their property. Many mistakenly believe that government generates its authority by the legislature or democracy that the people institute and that it is limited by only that which a majority of voters in a general election or their representatives will not support. This is not the American understanding of government.

The truth is that a collection of men in convention acting for their constituents cannot establish powers for government by a constitution ratified by the people that delegates more power than each person holds. Therefore, even our own constitution cannot grant more power to government than you hold alone.

Applying these Principles of Property to “Property Taxes” we find that there is no principle that would permit the state, local or federal government in or out of a constitution to place a lien on your real or personal property as a security for the payment of taxes of any kind. Therefore the government cannot place a lawful lien on your property and foreclose on it for failure to pay some kind of tax. The lien holder is the owner in fact and the state cannot own your private property and cannot acquire a lien by Zillions of people without authority to lien your property by voting to lien your property as security for failure to pay taxes.

Find out more about property taxes, especially in Texas, by checking into Ron Avery’s lawsuit against the Seguin Independent School District and the Guadalupe County Tax Office and Ms. Tavie Murphy, Guadalupe County Tax Assessor Collector at and then click on Avery’ Prop Tax Suit. Start by reading the Plaintiff’s Original Petition which includes all the principles of property as they destroy all authority for a government to justify Property Taxes. Avery will be addressing the Principles of Taxation based upon the Principles of Property to show the only forms of lawful support for any lawful state on earth. Those that act without authority can be shocked and cause the system to catch fire.

Ronald F. Avery © All Rights Reserved

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