The Principles of Property Rule America

Why was America created?
What made America different?
Why own property?
Why is property ownership so important to a society?
We shall endeavor to explore the Principles of Property in our everyday life issues as they apply to things like:
1. Labor
2. Real Estate
3. Personal property
4. Sales Tax
5. Unemployment
6. Property Tax
7. Contracts
Issues to ponder:
  1. The Texas Legislature cannot pass an Act granting itself Sovereignty over the People of Texas.
  2. The Texas Legislature cannot pass an Act granting themselves Sovereign Immunity from invasion of the private property rights.
What does it all mean?
  1. You will see that sovereign immunity is an out dated theory that originated from the idea that all property and property rights came from the KING of England.
  2. You will see that in America all rights flow from the sovereign God to the sovereign people who then pass only limited authority to act for the people to government to maintain its sole purpose to protect the property of the people.
  3. Since no man has a right to invade another mans property, he cannot delegate that to his representative.
  4. Therefore the purpose of all legitimate governments is to protect the Property (life, liberty, possessions) of the People with the limited authority each man delegates to his representative.
  5. Therefore lawful government cannot pass laws that permit government to violate, infringe upon, invade, destroy, or abuse the property of its citizens.
For a more detailed explanation please read this essay here:
Check back often to see what and how the Principles of Property govern our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.