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Constitution Party of Texas

July 19, 2006

We all realize that presidential power has expanded incredibly under the Bush II administration.  It certainly gained great momentum after 9-11 and with the advent of the Bush war which never was properly authorized by Congress.  President Bush assumed the title "Commander in Chief," not just of the Armed Forces, but as the titular chief of all government actions.  This unconstitutional designation has changed the face of the executive branch of our government to one that our Founders would never recognize nor approve today.

It is amazing to see how the American people and our legislators have been so far removed from understanding the language of the Constitution which clearly outlines the powers given to the three branches of our government.  The legislative branch alone is given the power to make laws.  Neither the president nor the courts have any authority to make laws..  As catastrophies occur and war is promoted, excuses abound to more tightly control American citizens while our freedoms are systematically stolen from us.  Perhaps we should also state that some legislators are "willingly ignorant" of the constitutional operations of the government but have become mere puppets of a party and a regime.

In exposing the current power grasping of the present administration, author John F. McManus details the development of "signing statements" or "executive decrees" in recent years. (The New American, 6/12/06, p.44).  He reminds us that President Bush has never vetoed a single bill but "has regularly relied on a completely unconstitutional tactic.  While approving a steady stream of measures passed by both houses of Congress, he has been adding carefully written 'signing statements.'"   The president writes these statements which give his own interpretation of the bill indicating that he need not obey them as written.  McManus states:  "By doing so, he instructs the massive bureaucracy he leads not to follow congressional intent, but to follow his frequently contrary view of what the law seeks to accomplish."  <

The president frequently cites his authority as "commander in chief" in re-defining the laws that he signs.  The Constitution designates:  "The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States."   Since he has unconstitutionally declared war, the president has grasped vast powers that were never delegated to the president at all.

President Bush is not the first to issue "executive decrees" but he has far outdistanced his predecessors.  The first President Bush issued 232 signing statements, Bill Clinton wrote 140, while George W. Bush has already issued 750 of these decrees.  McManus points out:  "Because of the way the government is currently being managed, each effectively takes on the force of law when it appears in the Federal Register.  Executive orders are yet another method that presidents have used to grasp power over American citizens.   These have taken on supposed legal authority when printed in the Federal Register.

Congress could bring the president under control if it were effectively operating as designed by our Founders.  Impeachment is the ultimate method of reining in a president that does not respect, appreciate, or obey the Constitution of the United States.  We cannot boast an effective Congress in our nation today.  Some feel that Congress is incorrigible and incapable of functioning constitutionally today---that it is essentially a "bought" assembly.  Apart from a limited number of legislators who are true Constitutional Americanists, this is probably true. 

The answer for Americanist voters in this election year is to mark them for defeat in the November election.  To those who remind us that the Constitution Party doesn't have a candidate in their district for whom they can vote, we ask, "Where were you when we were seeking candidates to step forward to run against  the one you want to oust this year?"  Perhaps you'll consider running next time! 

 Bryan Malatesta

Chairman, C.P.T.X.

July 19, 2006  

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