CPTEXAS Journal Vol.1, No. 1    
Hamilton County on Welfare?

        It was with interest that I read the agenda for this month's Commissioners Court for Hamilton County.  I note a time for public comments was allowed, but after reading the agenda, I suspect that the worthy commissioners would either not understand a word I would have to say, or would somehow find my remarks offensive, even though that would not be my intent. 

        The agenda lists seven items for discussion:
a. Federal and State funding policy issues regarding programs for the frail and elderly
b. Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) Enhancement Grant Program
c.  A Visitor's Center for Hamilton and the means to fund it
d. Hamilton County Historical Bridges and their replacement
e.  Landscaping grant for Courthouse
f.   Improvements, with state involvement, of McCaleb Lane
g. Texas Yes!- A Texas Department of Agriculture Program
        The mind boggles at the extent to which Socialism and Marxism have come to dominate the thinking of "good old boys" at the county level in Texas.  There is not a single item on that list that should take them away from grading our roads and maintaining our bridges, and the other legitimate functions of county government.
        What we have here is a group of assumedly honest men discussing how to extract money from the taxpayers of every entity in the State of Texas (and/or the USA) except those of Hamilton County, in order to take care of our perceived needs, or wants.  (Most of these would better constitute a wish list, like "what we want for Christmas", or "If we win the lottery....")  But, sadly, they actually represent a legalized form of theft known as Socialism. 

        By taking (by force) from the taxpayers who reside between Brownsville, Texarkana, Beaumont, El Paso and Borger, and all points in between, the State has this large pool of money it has extracted, and then shares with everyone as a portion of the spoils, based upon who is the best grant proposal writer (minus the handling fee in Austin, of course).  It used to be called "the Spoils System."

        Grants from government agencies are immoral for the simple reason that they are extracted by force from the "haves", in order to give to the "have-nots".  This is the applied economic theories of  Karl Marx, Lyndon Johnson and Bill Clinton.  (Administered by Republicans today, I might add.  Socialism-Lite.)

        Grants are to counties and municipalities what cocaine is to a drug addict.  It gives them a temporary high, but it extracts a price from the body politic.  It empowers those in power, and it enriches their friends -- how can it do otherwise?  And then the citizens wonder how to care and feed for the new baby that was so free, and so much fun to make. 

        I don't think our Commissioners are evil men -- they are just trying to stretch a budget, and find creative ways to fund it.  The problem is, they have no clue what Constitutional restraints are, and they have come under the lull of the siren song of intergovernmental welfare.  

        We all complain about the high cost of living, the high level of taxes, the inability we have to pay the mortgage, gasoline prices, and where it will all end.  Then we go to work and sit down and prepare our portion of the next grant proposal.  And we've never figured out that there is a cause and effect -- we have too much government!!!!!!!!!! 

        We need less government, not more!  We need to live within our means, or do without, just like our productive citizens do!  We need to withdraw from our county addiction to grant money, go cold turkey, and become independent citizens again!

        I hope the commissioners will not dare express the arguments, already forming on their lips, that "everybody else is doing it," or worse yet, "If we don't get it, someone else is going to."  I heard those identical phrases on the television from the mouths of looters in New Orleans!  Anyone who uses those arguments as a rationale for theft are mere looters and plunderers, whether they have the mantle of authority or not.
        Much of what they want to accomplish on their agenda this month can be accomplished by referring the question to the Chamber of Commerce, or the Garden Club, and can be realized with local donations of skill, labor, materials and even money.  I'll not take the time to discuss them in detail here, because of space constraints, but wouldn't it be nice if we had a Commissioners Court which would reject as a policy all grants and simply learn to be a self-reliant community once again?

Daniel New
Hamilton County Property Rights Association
P.O. Box 307
Hico, Texas 76457


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