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Test Your Knowledge of the Constitution

Test Your Knowledge of the Constitution

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Question 1: The Constitutional Amendment which was later repealed is the:
A) Eighteenth
B) Fifteenth
C) Nineteenth
D) Twenty-second

Question 2: The right to admit new States belongs to:
A) the Congress
B) the Supreme Court
C) the President
D) the State Department

Question 3: Powers not given to the U.S. by the Constitution and not forbidden to the States are reserved to:
A) the U.S. Court of Appeals
B) property owners
C) the States or the people
D) the Supreme Court

Question 4: Congress must meet at least once every:
A) 4 years
B) 2 years
C) 6 years
D) year

Question 5:The Bill of Rights is:
A) the first ten amendments
B) the Fifteenth Amendment
C) the entire Constitution
D) all of the amendments

Question 6. The Constitution forbids Congress to lay a tax on:
A) goods sent by ship
B) liquor
C) goods sent from other countries
D) goods sent from one State to another

Question 7. If neither the President nor the Vice-President can serve, the position would by filled by:
A) the Speaker of the House
B) the Chief Justice
C) the elected President of the Senate
D) the Secretary of State

Question 8. All federal and state officers must swear to:
A) support the President
B) support the Constitution
C) do their work well
D) memorize the Constitution

Question 9. The number of presidential electors a State gets is the same as:
A) the number of its Senators and Representatives
B) the number of its State Legislature representatives
C) the number of its Senators
D) the number of its Representatives

Question 10. The number of Representatives a State gets depends on:
A) the number of voters it has
B) the number of its Senators
C) how many it wants
D) the number of people it has

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