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Let My People Go! Let My People Go!

America is a nation that has become enslaved much as Israel was before God delivered them from the hands of the Egyptians. When we speak of slavery, we often have visions of chains and whips but sometimes the devices of our slavery are more subtle and less graphic, making them all the harder to break.

To freedom loving people such as we Americans are, the notion of slavery is anathema and yet in many ways we have not only allowed ourselves to become slaves, we have become comfortable with our condition of servitude. Much like Moses, we who love freedom stand on the wall and cry out to the people "Follow me to freedom". Much like the Israelites, they see this freedom as an opportunity to give up their security as a slave for the opportunity to wander around in poverty in the desert.

Were the Israelites better off in the desert than they were in Egypt? It depends on your perspective; if they valued the freedom to worship their God, raise their family and follow the dictates of their own conscience, they were much better off. Unfortunately, we know that some did not value such things and would rather have returned to Egypt where they had fresh melons and leeks, despite the lash of the whip and the rattle of the chain.

Such is the condition of the American people today. Some value freedom above all things and would use this liberty to worship their God, to live as their conscience and faith guide them and to raise their families to follow in these footsteps. Others of course do not value freedom and instead prefer the security that comes from bowing their knee to the State and looking to their government as the provider for all their needs.

It is these in the latter category whom we must reach and teach if we are to succeed in re-establishing the Constitutional Republic our founding fathers forged at the guidance and by the grace of God almighty. While there are indeed some who knowingly support the notion of limited freedom in exchange for temporary security and realize that this system is at odds with a Constitutional Republic, many simply are the byproducts of an educational system that has taught little and indoctrinated much.

Our greatest foe is not the socialist or the liberal whose solution to every problem in life is yet another government program. Our greatest foe is not the humanist who believes that man and government are basically good and should be entrusted with unbridled and unchallenged power. Our greatest foe is ignorance, ignorance that is based on lies.

From the very first lie told in the Garden of Eden "Yea, hath God said?" (when we all know that indeed he DID say), ignorance began its evil work of separating man from the truth. When man is separated from the truth, he is liable to believe anything and that is indeed where our nation finds itself today.

It is no wonder then that many assert and others prove that our educational system does not educate but rather serves to indoctrinate. Children today know little of the true history of our nation, it's system of government or any other truths that are fundamental to the development of a free society. Instead, they are being taught a series of not too clever lies that are designed to keep them as chattel slaves to an ever encroaching federal bureaucracy that will track and tax them from cradle to grave.

This year, we are asking you to help us to set America free and that will be done by telling the truth for no greater weapon was ever forged to destroy the lies of our enemy than this. In the coming months ahead, we are embarking on a bold new campaign in the Constitution Party in Texas to do just that. Our website will soon feature tapes done by one of the foremost Constitutional authorities of our time, Dr. Norris Austin who is giving the time to make these tapes for no charge. We are offering the tapes at the lowest cost possible and authorize and encourage everyone to make copies at will.

One day, you will no doubt meet in heaven most of the great men who, by their blood, toil and sacrifice gave us this great nation. Will you be able to look them in the eye and say "I did my part?" These men pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to the task and some lost their lives, others their fortune but none lost their sacred honor.

We can do no less than follow their good example. I am pushing on to fight this battle, it is not for the timid, the weak or the lazy, it is for those who love freedom and liberty. If I must go alone, then so shall I go, our God does not care for numbers, he cares for dedication and obedience.

Will you join me?


Al Lorentz
Constitution Party of Texas

Al is available for speaking engagements and comments concerning the Constitution Party, contact him at

Al Lorentz's Bio.

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