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By: Kevin Tuma

This marks my second essay on race. It may be the last. I don't enjoy stirring up or hurting the feelings of people who are confused--and I really don't like playing games with people who enjoy stirring the confusion.

Despite the fact that I personally have nothing to gain by broaching this volatile, touchy subject, the reason I have felt inwardly compelled to write something about race has been twofold:

One: For several years, I have been watching racism grow on the Internet. It has been swelling like a thundercloud. Cyberspace allows a perfect temperature setting for race hatred to bloat and balloon, like yeast dough.

Two: I recognize that race hucksters--charlatans--black supremacists, like Al Sharpton--are fueling the fires of bigotry, when bigotry really doesn't need any more fuel.

Unlike last time, I am going to temporarily put aside Marxism, Left, and Right, and simply talk about Black and White. Marxism is decidedly peripheral to all this, and it hovers in predatory fashion like a vulture around contemporary racial issues. But the root issues can be made simpler. Race can be addressed without playing the Marxist shell game. To do so, however, requires courage. It requires courage on the part of whites because they will be shouted down by angry people. It requires courage on the part of blacks, because if they stand apart from the dominant Left wing of the civil rights movement, they'll be dehumanized as Uncle Toms..Aunt Jemimas..coconuts...Oreos. Nevertheless, there has to be some sort of meaningful dialogue between blacks and whites.

Whites are basically not allowed to discuss race...and that is one of the larger problems. We are only allowed to marginally address racial issues if we ingratiate ourselves with people like Jesse Jackson or Julian Bond. If we discuss civil rights ideas or leaders in any critical fashion, we are instantly labeled racists. If we point out race-baiters, we are labeled race-baiters ourselves, by subtle manipulators of character assassination.

Some targets never fully recover from such smears. Pat Buchanan, for example--a genial, honest, decent man who has been unfortunate enough to offend various protected minority groups with his politics--is regarded by many people as a "known racist". This is in spite of the fact that, when he ran for President in 2000, he chose a black female schoolteacher as his running mate. And then there is David Horowitz, the outspoken neoconservative, who ignited a firestorm of controversy with his essay "Ten Reasons Why Reparations for Blacks are a Bad Idea for Blacks and Racist, Too." While it's true that the controversial column contained a few arrogant assumptions, the 'racist' part that his hysterical, outraged critics alluded to simply was not there.

Facts rarely seem to matter anymore with these accusations. In the 1500s, if a person was labeled a "heretic"--whether innocent or guilty--he was automatically in a lot of hot water. Today the label is "racist". The word will slowly and gradually lose its sting, however...because it is so frequently misused. And authentic racism--the real kind---is growing.

For every Pat Buchanan or David Horowitz who is run through with the poison dagger of false racial accusations, there are thousands of literate white people who are silently growing angry enough to abandon all reasonable attitudes toward race. Every media incident that downgrades the credibility of civil rights leaders adds to their numbers. Many whites will eventually become genuine racists...and they won't bother to take up any arguments with civil rights advocates or debate the finer points--they will simply dismiss black people, using the "N" word. And they will probably never come back.

Reparations will do the same thing--only on a massive scale. Tens of millions will be alienated, and the moral high ground that civil rights once held will be flushed down the toilet forever.

If that happens, it won't be social progress.

After over 40 years of civil rights, racism is on the rise. White racism is on the rise. Black racism is on the rise. White racism feeds black racism, and black racism feeds white racism. The relationship between blacks and whites is obviously regressing. All racism is based on resentment, and all political mechanisms of racism are based on revenge.

Just as violence begets violence, racism begets more racism. A good synonym for racism would be vendetta.

It was resentment--based on the ungodly massacres of the Civil War, and the carpetbagging excesses of Reconstruction--that drove to the development of the Ku Klux Klan, and fueled much of the historical anger of white southerners against black people. And now it is group resentment, based on the past cruelties of slavery and the above group dynamics, that fuels the anger of many black people against white southerners, against the Founding Fathers, and against traditional America. That anger is manifest in the drive to force reparations for slavery and to ban any tolerance of Confederate history or heritage in public places. If the intolerance stopped at the borders of the Deep South, it would be a regional problem, but it doesn't stop there.

Political correctness is the death of culture. It is thought control. It is censorship. For Americans, who are supposedly living in the freest country on Earth, it should be an outrage. If it manifests itself in government programs, as it is now doing in the case of Civil War monuments, it is unchecked tyranny. Worst of all are Academia's racially-PC attacks upon our Founding Fathers. Any country which dissembles its historical origins and its past has no future.

What we must wish for, in the interests of national self-preservation, is an end to racism in America. In order for that to happen, the politics of vendetta must end first. Special treatment must end; affirmative action must be put aside. Group equality should be a goal, instead of paybacks for past wrongs. Communication between blacks and whites as equals, as fellow individuals, should ensue. If there is equality and there is real communication, eventually there may be sincere mutual respect between the races. These things are largely absent now, in our racially recidivist nation.

The principles of a color-blind society are very simple. People of all colors are equal. There are no hyphenated Americans. You are either an American, or you are not..there are no special labels.

When a color-blind individual looks upon a black man, he doesn't see a mentally inferior victim who deserves money, help, and privileges to make up for the suffering of his ancestors--he sees a man. An ordinary human being. With all the opportunities he needs to get ahead residing between his ears.

Bigots should be considered to be exactly what they are...ignorant, angry people. This applies equally to black bigots as well as white ones.

In a color-blind society, people are never to be denied opportunities based on the color of their skin. That includes not only black people, but yellow people, red people, brown people..and white people. People are judged fit for leadership based on the strength of their backbones and the power of their brains, and are they awarded opportunities based on a quaint, old fashioned concept called "competition".

There are no group presumptions. It is not assumed that one race has more money or power than another race, or that anyone has the right to correct any such imbalances by using other peoples' money. There are no social programs used to repay past injustices by creating new injustice. Grievances from the past--however tragic they may be--are not corrected by using the philosophy "two wrongs do make a right". People are not expected to correct social inequities that occurred long before their grandparents were born. Logic prevails.

We can have racial understanding, without the interference of the government's machinegun, and without the dehumanization of groups that have divergent opinions--if we can all learn to act like adults, and to embrace civilization. We need bridgebuilders...not destroyers.

We need humanity and decency to develop between the races.

Kevin Tuma is an editorial cartoonist for and a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

Kevin Tuma can be reached at


When honest people who hold strong opinions come together, it is natural that they state their opinions, and that those opinions occasionally clash. The articles that you see on this website represent the opinion of the writers, and are not the official opinion of this party. To see the official party position on any question, the reader is referred to the Party Platform.

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