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What part of ILLEGAL don't you understand?

Illegal Aliens are, to be blunt, here illegally. I know this comes as a shock to our lawmakers and public servants who ignore their oath to the Constitution as a matter of habit, but Illegal Aliens are not supposed to be here. Public servants charged with establishing justice, insuring domestic tranquility, providing for the common defense and promoting the general welfare of the CITIZENS of this nation are supposed to enforce the laws.

Instead, they choose to ignore these laws they swore an oath to uphold out of fear or worse, because their principles and honor are for sale to the highest bidder or the largest number of voters.

When someone breaks a law, the first duty of law enforcement is to arrest them and yet concerning Illegal Aliens, we have somehow taken leave of our senses. Any other Illegal activity is met with the force of law and yet the act of Illegally entering the borders of the United States of America is not only ignored, it is given privileged status.

Imagine if you will, petty theft being given such status. In addition to not being arrested, petty thieves would be granted privileges and benefits that the average citizen would not qualify for. Petty thieves would be allowed to keep the profits from their illegal activities (not even being taxed in many cases) as well as to remain free to continue their disregard for the law. How long do you think our property and livelihood would prosper under such a situation? Better yet, how much longer do you think our nation will prosper under the flood of illegal immigrants coming here from Mexico?

Before I continue, I feel it is incumbent to point out that I am not a racist and that my opposition to Amnesty for Illegal Aliens has nothing to do with race. It has to do with nationality, specifically with the laws of our nation being upheld and defended. Our nation is a great melting pot, the key word here is melting.

All of our ancestors came from various parts of the world and regardless of their origin, have made fine citizens because of the fact that they assimilated to a common culture. Our great American culture was based upon a document called the Constitution of The United States and gave us equal footing and common ground all at once. Although our nation has not been perfect, it has to date been the best ever on the face of the earth and, if adhered to, could remain the best for time to come.

The first act of an Illegal Alien is to break the law by entering this nation illegally They show a narcissistic attitude by not wanting to wait their turn as millions before them have. Combined with their disregard for our national sovereignty and laws regarding entry into the United States, this does not display the sort of attributes we would hope for in a citizen, i.e. criminality and selfishness.

Instead of being deported at the earliest possible opportunity, these criminals are entitled to social benefits, which begs the obvious question: "Who is going to pay for this?" Indeed, it is the taxpayers of this country who are going to pay for these people to have subsidized medical care, housing and of course to be given a free pass on their civic responsibility of obeying the law. Is it any wonder that our borders are flooded every year with millions of Illegal Aliens? After all, if you reward bad behavior, you cannot expect or even ask for good behavior.

GW Bush and the Republican Leadership are the latest political harlots who have decided to sacrifice principal for the sake of gaining more votes. The amnesty proposal attached to HR 3525 (The Enhanced Border Security and Visa Entry Reform Act), the bill we thought would secure our borders from Illegal activity, is designed to allow Illegal Aliens to remain here indefinitely.

Now I ask a simple question "If you continue to reward Illegal Aliens, how do you intend to discourage people from entering our country illegally?" It is time to stop the nonsense of encouraging and rewarding Illegal Aliens and treat these people as criminals for that indeed is what they are, criminals who have broken the law of our nation by illegal entry. It is time to start closing the borders to illegal entry and consider granting citizenship only to those who have waited sometimes for years for the opportunity to become citizens.

Most of all, it is time our public servants started upholding and defending the Constitution of the United States of America, our Civil Rights and protecting our national sovereignty.

Al Lorentz
Chairman, Constitution Party of Texas

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