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The Politics of Greed -- Johannesburg

It's time to call a spade a spade, and Thabo Mbeki what he really is -- a Communist.

Thabo Mbeki has been a Communist all his life.  His parents were Communists when he was growing up.  His earliest speeches, on his own website, reveal the rhetoric of Karl Marx, with direct quotes.

Thabo Mbeki is President of South Africa.  He was active in the successful Communist revolution which overthrew an apartheid government and replaced it with a radical racist dictatorship under Marxist Nelson Mandela.  Read his speeches.

Thabo Mbeki is host to the UN Summit Conference on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg. 

His speeches in 2002 reveal the same old rhetoric of Karl Marx, with quotes like this:
"A global human society based on poverty for many and prosperity for a few, characterized by islands of wealth, surrounded by a sea of poverty, is unsustainable," said Mbeki in an address at the opening center of the conference.

Anyone who tells you that Mbeki is not a Communist is either an ignoramus, or is a Communist themselves.

The World Bank's vice president for sustainable development, Ian Johnson, said there could be no question of an acceptable future,
"unless we can make major inroads into crippling poverty.  We believe poverty is at the heart of unsustainable development.

Johnson went on to elaborate that the West is responsible for all this poverty, and,
"the $350 billion that taxpayers in the United States, the European Union and Japan pay every year to subsidize their agriculture contributes to the problem of world poverty, along with trade-distorting tariff measures."

Every time this motley collection of Utopians and Social Engineers and Darwinians and Atheists and Communists gets together, they practice the Party Line by singing the evils of Capital (Property) and the injustice of Poverty, and write another stanza to the Communist Internationale, all based upon the politics of greed.

The goal is not the eradication of poverty (an impossible task), the goal is the destruction of private property.

The goal is not to bring the poor up to the level of the rich (an impossible task), but to bring all wealth under the control of the Master Planners, who know, oh, so much more about how we should live than we do.

The goal is not the liberation of mankind, but the destruction of those States which allow mankind the freedom to prosper, because Communism finds it slow going when people are free to determine their own economic and political fate.  Those unsustainable people tend to resist, and go on and on about their right to such ridiculous things as owning firearms!

The politics of greed.  But it's all a lie.  It has been a lie since Hegel and Marx proposed it, and since Lenin implemented it.  The peasants do not ever get to see the Worker's Paradise -- although they do watch their new masters go by in shiny black cars while they stand in line for a loaf of "free" bread from their wise socialist planners.  At least the new masters care for them.  All their speeches say so.

No, the Lenins and the Stalins and the Gorbachevs and the Kofi Anans and the Ian Johnsons and the Ted Turners and the Boutros Boutros Ghalis and the Maurice Strongs and the Mbeki Thabos of the world have no interest in the poor.  They have every interest subjugated to the promotion of the class struggle whereby the "proletariat" (that's the impoverished, who need leadership, which they unselfishly and undemocratically provide) take control of those who have the nerve to believe in private property and personal responsibility (that's us). 

These ill-bred revolutionaries wearing suits and riding in limos to the "Summit on Sustainable Development" are going to give the world yet another song, to be sung in perfect harmony, and it is all going to boil down to how the USofA and other nations are going to have to give up some more of their sovereignty, and wealth, provide a "minimum sustainable income" to every person on earth.  Do you think the impoverished will vote for that?  Sure they will.  They have nothing to lose.

Poverty is not at the heart of unsustainable development.  Theft, primarily by government, is.  When a man is not free to keep what he creates or earns, he learns to quit trying, and to resign himself to poverty.  Sometimes it is not the government, sometimes the theft is by unauthorized bandits, or by a society which demands that you must share all you own with your neighbor.  But most of the time it is by authorized bandits, "all for the greater good of society."  Give real freedom to men, based upon private property, no matter how poor they are, and most of their children will never know poverty. 

"Government is at the heart of unsustainable development."  -- Daniel New

"Global Welfare,
based upon Global Taxation
(without representation),
enforced by Global Courts
using a Global Army."

Daniel D. New,
Central Regional Chairman
Oct. 1998, 2002

Daniel New's Bio. Untitled

When honest people who hold strong opinions come together, it is natural that they state their opinions, and that those opinions occasionally clash. The articles that you see on this website represent the opinion of the writers, and are not the official opinion of this party. To see the official party position on any question, the reader is referred to the Party Platform.

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