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Choreographed War returns
by Daniel New

If the war in which we find ourselves was not choreographed from the beginning, the potential to do so is now as good as it gets. 

Last week the winner of the "Hitler of the Month Club" (for the second time!), President Saddam Hussein announced that he has decided to not wait for the US and its lackeys to pulverize him.  He will launch a "preemptive strike," and within a matter of days.

America needs this attack, and that is why it will happen. 

I predict that there will be spectacular acts of terrorism against the USA, on our soil, within the next 30 days.  Whether that is biological, chemical, or explosive, I have no idea.  But I would suspect that a "dirty bomb" or "suitcase bomb" is a high probability.  It will be high profile.

We need a provocation sufficient for us to go bomb Iraq into the same state in which we have bombed Afghanistan.

You and I will be told by our politicians, by the press, and by the talk shows, that "the bad guys" did it, and that may be true.  But then again, it may not.  And we will probably never be able to prove it either way. 

The "movers and shakers" of the Federal government of the United States of America have manipulated public opinion over and over, and for many years, and has gotten away with it.  It appears from here that they are going for broke in the radical investment of powers to Big Brother which they believe will be irrevocable.  By keeping the pace rolling, those who move to hold the line on violations of Constitutional protections are bowled away by front-page sensational stories, and become forgotten in the wake of new, earth-shaking events.  And we are all swept into a headlong plunge toward an all-powerful state and indeed, a one world government, in which they expect to continue to be the prime movers and shakers. 

World War III may well have begun.  Time will tell.  In the meantime, since we seem impotent to stop the juggernaut, it would be to err on the side of caution to prepare yourself and your loved ones for living in both a nation at war, and a police state, because that is where we appear to be headed.  And if you are prepared, and don't need it, there is no harm done. 

And if it does come, well, you can console yourself with the thought that it is not your fault.  After all, you voted for the lesser of two evils.

Daniel D. New,
Central Regional Chairman
Oct. 1998, 2002

Daniel New's Bio. Untitled

When honest people who hold strong opinions come together, it is natural that they state their opinions, and that those opinions occasionally clash. The articles that you see on this website represent the opinion of the writers, and are not the official opinion of this party. To see the official party position on any question, the reader is referred to the Party Platform.

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