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I Am No Longer A Conservative

By Chuck Baldwin

August 20, 2002

At one time, I was proud to call myself a conservative. No more. I would even argue that conservatives are as much responsible for the political and cultural deterioration of our country as liberals. That means Republicans share as much blame for the downward spiral of our nation as Democrats. People who believe they are voting for a substantive change of direction by voting for either major party are kidding themselves. Both liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans, are heading in the same direction.

The pattern goes something like this: Democrats (liberals) use the power of political office to spearhead socialist, internationalist policies. This is accomplished over the vocal objections of grassroots conservatives. The resulting dissatisfaction with the liberal agenda usually translates into Republicans being elected to public office.

Once Republicans (conservatives) are in office, however, they do nothing to reverse the socialist policies that the liberals instituted. Instead, they set about to normalize or legitimize those policies. After all, Republicans are all about conserving the status quo; and for the past 40 years, the status quo has been incessant, burgeoning socialism. Therefore, instead of instituting a radical return to constitutional governance, conservatives actually harden the cement of socialism that has been laid by liberals.

Unfortunately, rank and file conservatives seem more than willing to accept an increase of socialism, internationalism, and liberalism as long as Republicans are overseeing it. Conservatives seem totally oblivious to the ominous direction of the country when Republicans are in charge. As a result, conservatives and liberals, Democrats and Republicans, are working together to take America further and further down the road of socialism.

With little distinction from Democrats in the actual governing policy of Republicans, liberals are soon reinstalled to public office, and the cycle repeats itself. This has been the redundant pattern in our country for the past half century.

Therefore, as someone who stands foursquare on the principles laid down in our founding documents, I refuse to be identified as a conservative any longer. Instead, call me a constitutionalist. I am convinced that the only chance that freedom and independence have of surviving the next 50 years is by a radical return to constitutional government. The status quo must go!

Only an awakened electorate who are fed up with the constant capitulation of constitutional principles by the two major parties and who are willing to courageously crusade for genuine change will be capable of actually preserving this republic for their posterity. Anything short of this will only result in a continued drift toward socialism and globalism.

Chuck Baldwin

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