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The Real Reason Lott Was Forced Out

By Chuck Baldwin

December 21, 2002

Let me say up front that I am no fan of Senator Trent Lott. I have never forgiven him for railroading Bill Clinton's impeachment by sabotaging the Senate trial - and he did sabotage the Senate trial. He made it clear in unmistakable terms that under no circumstances would he allow the Senate to remove Clinton from office.

Therefore, it seems more than poetic justice that Lott would be forced out as Senate Majority Leader for something as innocent as a flippant statement made over an event that happened more than 50 years ago. When President Clinton needed Lott, he was there, but when Lott needed President Bush, he got the shaft. Tough.

Was Bush angry with Lott over his remarks? Sure he was. Dubya is busy building Daddy Bush's massive New World Order where there is no room for personal opinion or free speech. He sees the world as one big multicultural, politically correct family where disagreement or dissent is not tolerated. However, Lott's politically incorrect statement was only an excuse, not the reason, for Bush to force his ouster.

The real reason can be traced to a promise Senator Lott made to pro-life Christians just weeks ago. Soon after the Republican Party won control of both houses of Congress, Lott promised that there would be quick passage of a partial birth abortion bill that President Bush would sign. That promise doomed Lott.

As I have repeatedly chronicled in this column, G. W. Bush has no desire to press the pro-life agenda in any form or fashion. He made no promises to pro-life Christians during the campaign or since, except the timid commitment that "if" a partial birth abortion ban made it to his desk, he would sign it.

Bush never made a commitment to press for a partial birth abortion ban. He never promised to appoint pro-life justices to the Supreme Court or any other federal court. Instead, he has repeatedly said that a person's view of abortion would play no part in his selection of any member of his government. That Christians have ascribed to Bush a pro-life position is the height of wishful thinking.

Make no mistake about it: Bush forced Lott out of the Senate leadership. It wasn't the media or the Democrats; it was G. W. Bush! Had Bush backed Lott, he would have remained Senate Majority Leader. So, who does Bush want as Lott's replacement? According to press reports, it is Senator Bill Frist.

You recall that it was Frist who championed the nomination of President Clinton's former Surgeon General David Satcher. Satcher is a rabid supporter of unrestricted abortion. Beyond that, he actually performed abortions! You also recall that Satcher continued to serve in the Bush administration until earlier this year. Furthermore, several conservative news providers quickly pointed out that Frist is a major shareholder in HCA, a for-profit hospital chain that reportedly performs abortions for its customers.

It is very simple: Bush had to replace Lott in order to sabotage the pro-life agenda. Not only will Bush replace pro-life Trent Lott as Senate Majority Leader, watch for him to appoint another David Souter-type justice to the Supreme Court. This will insure that if a partial birth abortion bill were passed, it would be declared "unconstitutional."

When will conservative, pro-life Christians wake up to the fact that George W. Bush is not one of them, that he is a wolf in sheep's clothing?

Chuck Baldwin

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