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A Republic, not an Empire

America is a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy and certainly not an empire. While we as a nation have democratic processes in support of our Republic, nothing in our Constitution suggests that we are to be an empire. Further, when a Republic seeks to become an empire, it does so at the contempt of the law and the rule of law by which it seeks to operate.

An empire as defined by the American Heritage Dictionary is A political unit having an extensive territory or comprising a number of territories or nations and ruled by a single supreme authority. In the same dictionary we find the definition of a Republic as A political order in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who are entitled to vote for officers and representatives responsible to them. The differences of course are obvious but primarily the Republic places its power in the citizenry who hire their political officers and give them limited power to do their jobs (and nothing else). An empire of course implies or grants no such consideration to the citizens and (much to the delight of the rulers) grants sweeping authority and unchecked power to the ruling class. No wonder our politicians want an empire.

When we focus on the imperialist attitude of our would be tyrants and globalist sycophants, we tend to see the effect that their tyranny has on other nations. Sometimes we actually encourage this tyranny because it is directed against a nation or group of people we fear or despise. During WWII, the imperialist tendencies of FDR were welcomed when they were directed against the hated Nazi's and Japanese. Today of course, thanks in no small part to our empire building and continual meddling in the affairs of other nations we have no shortage of enemies to fear and despise.

On September 11th, 2001, our Republic was attacked, I say Republic because even though we are acting like an empire, it was the citizens who are part of the Republic that were attacked. The tyrants and rulers who make up our empire of course were as usual, immune to the negative and deleterious effects of their abuses of law and power. The citizens who were murdered on that fateful day have little to do with the foreign policy and imperialistic tendencies of our elected officials but sadly were the ones forced to pay the price for such actions.

Shortly after this attack, we noticed that the public servants we elected to operate our government with deliberately limited power (which they of course routinely abuse and seek to expand) did not react as though the leaders of a Republic, but rather as the rulers of an empire. Their first concern then was not for the Republic, its citizens and the law but rather for themselves and their bureaucracies. While we the citizens (who were the primary targets of 9/11) were told to "go on about our daily business", our elected officials and bureaucrats everywhere set up a shadow government, issued themselves gas masks and took the necessary steps to ensure that even if America were reduced to just a handful of people, they would be predominantly politicians (the remainder ostensibly would be taxed for the privilege).

Instead of closing down our borders, a logical maneuver when one is attacked, our politicians refused to even discuss the notion as it might cost them votes on election day displaying that their primary loyalty is not to the Republic but rather to themselves. Instead, they posted soldiers at our airports and convinced the citizens that the only way for them to be safe was to give up their liberty and their notions that somehow they were to be treated as innocent until proven guilty. The cowards among us of course agreed that it was far better to trade essential liberty for (the illusion of) security and sought to assure us that "it is only temporary" which of course it never is.

Instead of asking the question "Why would they attack us" which would point to the fact that our public servants are nothing but tyrants who want to subvert our great nation into an empire, (predominantly for their personal enrichment, benefit and empowerment) we were offered up the blandest and most vacuous explanation ever given for such behavior. "Because they hate freedom" we were told pathetically and disingenuously by our President, George W Bush, would almost be laughable except that while lying he simultaneously wraps himself in the flag and cloak of freedom, something which he and his family have shown nothing but contempt for. Thus the empire was not only preserved it was given a legitimacy it should never have had. While our Republic is indeed dedicated to freedom and liberty, the empire despises these concepts and claiming that the forces of the empire (our politicians) are about the business of freedom is a tragic lie with nothing but evidence refuting it.

Instead of a call to reign in the out of control and oppressive powers of our empire both here and abroad, our ruthless politicians used the traumatic events of September 11th to advance their empire building agenda. Sweeping legislation was introduced by the utterly contemptuous Bush administration that granted illegal and defiantly un-Constitutional power and authority to our government and politicians, helping them make the transformation from public servants to rulers and despots all the more certain. Many people, conned by the phoney religiosity of the Bush administration agreed to such sweeping power but even if the Bush administration does not abuse this, the next batch of elected tyrants will. As Lord Action said "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely".

And why do we continue to elect tyrants and abusers of power? Simply because we have bought into the biggest con game ever. We have been duped into believing that we have only two choices and that to do anything but vote either Republican or Democrat is a waste of time. Like all self fulfilling prophecies, this one is true and can only be broken by principle.

The Constitution Party is dedicated to the concept that the people of America deserve a choice and that the rule and law of the land dictates that all politicians be bound severely by the chains of the Constitution lest they become corrupted by the powers of this great nation. By joining with the Constitution Party, you send a clear message to the other parties that you no longer want tyrants and rulers, you want public servants in government. More importantly, you help us restore the Republic which was given to us by our Founding Fathers at the cost of their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor.

Al Lorentz
State Chairman, Constitution Party of Texas
26 September 2002

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