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On August 14, 2002, Steve Lefemine, Director of Columbia (SC) Christians for Life, Bruce Evan Murch, Dennis Green of Life and Liberty Ministries in Petersburg, Virginia, Dave Lytle an 83-year-old retired veteran of the Merchant Marine from Lynchburg, Virginia and Linda Beckman, 62-year-old retiree who travels extensively on pro-life tours, from Phoenixville, PA. Were arrested, handcuffed, booked, shackled and taken before a magistrate and forced to post bond. What was their crime?

It seems that this intrepid five had the audacity to exercise their God given First Amendment right to peaceably assemble on public property (public as in paid for with taxpayer dollars, including their own) and to further voice a dissenting opinion, all clearly covered under the First Amendment. The First Amendment was written into the United States Constitution specifically to cover such activity, not as the godless liberal media would argue, to protect pornography and filth. Unfortunately for Steve Lefemine and the others with him, indeed for any of us who dare to mention the unspeakable evil of this nation, truth is out and filth is in.

Florence, South Carolina, the town where Steve Lefemine and the other brave and patriotic Americans with him exercised their Constitutionally guaranteed rights, is what can be referred to as a "Constitution Free" zone. "Constitution Free" zones are cities, townships and even states where local politicians, bureaucrats and other public servants have declared themselves and their pronouncements to be above the law. Indeed in such places, these tyrants have declared their every pronouncement and written law to supercede that of the Constitution, and more importantly of God. Just discuss the law with them some time and they will point to their local codes and laws as if they were written by Moses himself on stone tablets.

The Constitution was written specifically to prevent such behavior for such is the tendency of sinful man that, without the guidance of God almighty, man will seek to control and rule over his fellow man. Concomitant to that depraved condition of desiring to manipulate others comes the omnipresent condition of plunder, often in the form of excessive taxation. Florence South Carolina it appears has become such a place.

I am not implying that all the people of Florence, South Carolina are even aware of the depths to which their city council and police department are willing to stoop to spit upon the United States Constitution and to openly defy God by infringing the rights He has bestowed upon every free man and woman there. For all we know, the people of Florence have no idea that this is the sort of behavior that their public servants are willing to abuse the power, authority and trust placed in them by the citizenry. No doubt there are citizens who disagree with the message being brought by Mr. Lefemine and his stalwart citizen friends but, disagree or not, Mr. Lefemine and those with him had every right to assemble and speak.

Our great nation was founded on the blood and sacrifices of our Founding Fathers who gave us our Constitution and thus forged our Republic, the first great exercise and experiment in true freedom ever attempted. This great nation has withstood the test of time and the ravages of tyranny in the past but now stands in danger of being undone. Sadly, it is not going to be undone by a terrorist attack from outside but by an even greater threat from within.

The incident in Florence South Carolina is, sadly, not an isolated one; it is being repeated across this great nation on a far too frequent basis. The root cause of this is ignorance, specifically ignorance of our Constitutional and Godly heritage as a nation. Ignorance not only breeds the sort of tyrants who would declare their city or township to be "Constitution Free", it also breeds the people who willingly vote for and support such tyrants.

I have become firmly convinced that we will not restore this Republic simply through prayer and repentance alone although these are good first steps for any endeavor. We must be committed to teaching the Constitution and more importantly, the godly history of this nation at every level. That teaching needs to go hand in hand with our instruction to family members on the Word of God. The Constitution ought to be taught in public schools as well but we know full well that those institutions are currently in the hands of despotic socialists and others whose contempt for the Constitution is rivaled only by their venomous hatred of the Word of God.

If you would like to help these courageous souls who, in the vein of all great Christian heros have refused to cower in the face of tyranny and chosen to speak the truth, please send them a letter of encouragement and if possible make a financial contribution to their defense. These good citizens have decided to stand firm against the abuse of government which as we all know, has deep pockets.

Beverly Murch,
PO Box 2223,
Lewiston, ME 04241

They are willing to stand and fight; will you give them something to fight with?

Al Lorentz
State Chairman, Constitution Party of Texas
10 September 2002

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