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Conservative or Christian?

Once there was a time, not too long ago in fact, that being a Christian was synonymous with being a conservative. By Christian, let me explain that I mean not only one who has been born again through the blood of Jesus Christ but, more to the point, one who follows Christ and seeks to emulate him in every aspect of their lives. A Christian is someone in short who, while not able to personally save anyone, still seeks to be an imitator of Christ.

Imitators of Christ sought to uphold and preserve the Constitutional Republic because after all, IT is the authority. Christians realized that just because somebody had the illusion of authority, they had no more right to disobey the Constitution than a Christian had the right to disobey the Word of God and call such disobedience "Christian" behavior. In short, Christians knew that governments authority came from the Constitution just as the Christians authority came from God.

While there were some who were not Christian that sought to uphold and defend the Republic from the assaults of socialism, often under the banner of false philanthropy and liberalism, there were few true Christians who would not identify with the label of being conservative. Whether it was our stance against abortion or our insistence that social programs were not only destructive but designed to undermine the rightful position of the Christian church in society, Christians defended the conservative ideal of preserving our Constitutional Republic right down the line.

But in the past decade, I have seen the conservative movement hijacked and transformed by unprincipled, ambitious and quite often vicious people. Whereas the Christian conservative was concerned with obedience to Christ first, the modern conservative is concerned only with winning, at any cost. To the modern conservative it does not matter what government does, if a Democrat proposes to increase the size of a government agency it is evil but if a Republican proposes the exact increase, it is loudly and widely supported. In short, the modern conservative has no principles or honor, it cares only about winning and gaining power.

As a Christian I have a dim view of tyrants, knowing that they are simply agents of the devil. Tyrants masquerade as being for "strong" government but are actually anti-government, they despise lawful government, especially the Constitutional Republic because it denies them the power they lust after. I don't care if the tyrant is a liberal or a conservative, tyranny is evil regardless of who enacts it.

When I became Chairman of this party, I did not harp upon the issue of Christianity in politics, instead I proclaimed the goal of restoring the Constitutional Republic. An interesting thing happened though, almost every person who has rallied to that cause has been a Christian and usually an outspoken one at that. Those who affiliate more with being a conservative than being a Christian have (thankfully) remained in the Republican party.

This told me something very important about the conservative movement, it is phony salt. The Bible calls for Christians to be salt and light and if the salt loses its saltiness it is worthless. The Republican party has become worthless because the Christians there are realizing that the conservative movement cares not for the standards of principles of Jesus Christ nearly as much as it is concerned with winning… at any price. There was a man once who sold his principles in a similar fashion, I believe the price he received was 30 pieces of silver, his name was Judas Iscariot and he betrayed Christ.

The Republican party and more importantly, the modern conservative movement have become the modern day Judas, they have betrayed the Lord and his principles for 30 pieces of silver in the form of political power. Since taking power in Washington, the Republican party and this current administration have done nothing but concede, compromise and sell every Godly principle that would gain them votes. The Constitution is not only ignored, it is treated as an obstacle to be gotten around and the true Christian voters within the conservative movement are beginning to finally wake up and leave en masse.

If you find yourself in this position, don't despair, there is still a party out there that won't require you to leave your Christianity outside. There is still a party out there that refuses to compromise its principles regardless of how much the media shrieks, wails and gnashes its teeth. There is still a party that chooses principle over politics and is not for sale.

If you want to join with a party that believes in the Godly principles of restoring the Constitution and requiring all public servants to abide by it, join the Constitution Party today. We believe firmly that God gave us this great form of government known as the Constitutional Republic and that true Christians show their obedience to the commands in Romans 13 (and elsewhere) by helping to legally, peacefully and prayerfully seek this restoration and preservation.

Al Lorentz
State Chairman, Constitution Party of Texas
20 August 2002

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