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The Tombstone Tumbleweed, a voice of reason in a sea of insanity

The Tombstone Tumbleweed, a voice of reason in a sea of insanity

I recently learned of an amazing development in Tombstone Arizona, it seems that some people have the "radical" idea that they are not slaves or subjects of the government but rather that they are citizens. These people have the temerity to believe that, if public servants have reneged on their sworn oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and refuse to even hear criticism on the matter (much less do something about it), that the citizen have the right to defend themselves, their property and their liberty. The idea that a citizen should exercise their God given, Constitutionally guaranteed rights, of course, draws sharp criticism from the usual suspects.

The Tombstone Tumbleweed recently ran an article entitled "Enough is Enough!" 'A public call to arms-Citizens Border Patrol Militia now forming. As an avid History buff, let me tell you that the use of the word militia by the Tombstone Tumbleweed is not only correct and in context with both their article and the historical meaning of the term, but that the word militia sends chills up and down the spineless forms of the socialists, the faux conservatives and the anti-Constitutional crowd like no other phrase, other than perhaps "In God We Trust". Combine the fact that the Tombstone Tumbleweed had the temerity to call upon the citizens to exercise their rights as well as to use the term "militia" has sent the left wing and socialist crowds into an hysterical frenzy.

It seems that our national borders are "defended" by federal employees, namely the Immigration and Naturalization Service or INS. I remember as a teenager working in construction those distinctive green and white vehicles of the INS that would drive through the construction area, and that cries of 'la migre' would cause the illegal immigrants there to scurry away. Even back in the 70's it was recognized that our borders were porous but at least then we used to pretend to do something about it.

Today, the charade is over though, not only has the INS been so seriously under-funded as to have virtually no presence along the thousands of miles of border between the US and Mexico but even when illegal aliens are caught, little is done with them other than to give them a free ride home with a wink and a nudge 'better luck next time". The President, our employee, whose job it is to ensure that the law is enforced at the national level has even indicated that he is willing to grant amnesties to millions of these lawbreakers. This maneuver is obviously an effort to court the "Hispanic vote" as if there were a monolithic block of Hispanics all casting their vote for one party. As a matter of fact, most Hispanics who are here legally in America indicate that they oppose the open borders and influx of illegal aliens and will vote against any politician that panders to the illegal aliens and their radical/socialist representatives.

Without putting too fine a point on it, illegal aliens are criminals by virtue of their being in America without having gone through legal channels. As such, they are not citizens or taxpayers and should be of course rounded up and returned home (politely but firmly). Better still, we should have a sufficient border patrol to make them at least have to put in some good effort to get here. As it is today, thousands of miles of border are so thinly patrolled as to be virtually open. Instead of this though, we not only allow illegal aliens to stay, we actually allow them to draw on certain benefits of our society! What is next, do we grant amnesty for men who escape from prison? I guess though that this is to be expected from a nation which re-elects a convicted perjuring felon to the highest office.

Thus, while our politicians in Washington DC decide to parlay the illegal alien issue into more votes for themselves, being of course insulated from the numerous negative and deleterious effects of their criminal violation against their oath of office, we the people in the Southern border states are forced to bear the brunt of their improper and highly illegal decisions. In typically arrogant "let them eat cake" mode, our employees and elected public servants actually have gone so far as to brand those of us who wish to stem the flow of illegal aliens as "lawbreakers" ourselves; "how dare we presume to tell our elected employees what to do" they mutter at lavish taxpayer funded balls and dinners.

A careful perusal of my Constitution indicates to me that I have the right to take up arms if necessary to defend myself and further, as a former member of the United States military, I took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic. No matter how hard I read though< I don't see where politicians have the right to circumvent the Constitution, to breach my god given and Constitutionally guaranteed rights, or to call their cowardice and shirking of duty some sort of virtue, a sacrifice to the pagan god of multi-culturalism.

In short, if our politicians and other elected public servants are unwilling to do their job, they had best keep their mouths shut when we the people decide to do it ourselves. Frankly speaking one makes a grave and grievous mistake when they entrust another with their own personal safety and defense. The situation is further aggravated when that person whom they entrust forgets that they are the servant and proclaims themselves the master.

This is the situation that we find ourselves in today, the people we have hired to defend us and to uphold our laws have shirked their duty and betrayed their oath of office. We the people have decided then that we won't lay still and be victimized, have our rights abused and our property plundered. We insist that our public servants either help us in this endeavor, take over the endeavor and do a better job or stay out of the way, or we shall charge them with obstruction of justice.

Al Lorentz
State Chairman, Constitution Party of Texas
19 November 2002

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