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Why the Democrats will be back and other predictions.

After Tuesday's elections, pundits are declaring that the Democrat party is "finished", that they are "on the ropes" or that they are "in total disarray". I have no doubt that they were handed a thorough beating, something they have richly deserved. I have no doubt that there are many, myself included, that wish the Democrat party a hasty one way trip to the political trash heap. I also have no doubt that the Democrats will be back, if not sooner, then later.

How can I predict this? Simply because the Republican party will breathe life back into the Democrat party by engaging in the same politics that they always have. The Republicans will, by their duplicity, mendacity and corruption, drive the political "center" firmly into the Democratic camp. More importantly though, the Republicans will continue to successfully alienate their true conservative base as they run headlong into socialist destruction. The pendulum will continue to swing, all the while our Constitutional Republic will be dragged down further and further.

I predict that George Bush will say little and do nothing about the pro-life issue, in fact, this last election was almost totally devoid of any discussion whatsoever on the issue. Meanwhile, pro-life activists continue to be imprisoned (in Federal institutions no less) for exercising their First Amendment Rights and worse, millions of babies are murdered each year. George Bush you see received a message in the last election, namely that if the Republicans will quietly mouth platitudes about being pro-life without actually doing anything to end the carnage and slaughter, the political center will shift more their way and the true conservative Christians will continue to vote for them out of desperation.

I predict that the Christian church will continue to engage in the "politics of groveling". There was a time in this country when pastors stood in the pulpit and named sin, that day is gone, replaced by ear tickling hirelings who resemble the political elitists who are ruining our nation. Both groups say what is necessary to appease those who are perceived in power. Both groups delude themselves and their followers that somehow, because they are getting away with it for the moment perhaps, they will not be held accountable for this contemptible betrayal of God and his people.

I predict that our Civil Rights as enumerated in the United States Constitution, specifically Amendments I through X will be even further trashed as the Federal government, not coincidentally, continues to grow. I predict that the "TIPS" program will be given a face lift and re-introduced with Bushes new "mandate".

I predict that we will go to war, actually that is a no-brainer since we are already in conflicts resembling war all around the world. I'll go out on a limb though and predict that we will go to war with Iraq under the pretense of preventing terrorism but in fact exacerbating it. A war that results in victory in Iraq (and control of the oilfields there) accompanied by terror attacks here in America will be a win-win situation for the current administration. The oil fields will enrich the friends of George Bush and others, and the terror attacks here in America will give Bush the excuse he needs to enact further restrictions on our liberty and freedom.

I predict that taxes will go up (how do you think we are going to pay for the endless Bush wars?).

I predict that Hillary Clinton will throw her mendacious hat into the political ring and that she will receive a tremendous amount of support from the "I hate men" crowd, aka the Feminists as well as the usual leftists. I also predict that Hillary will draw a lot of support from centrist voters who will see her as the first viable woman candidate for president and will vote just to see it happen proving both their short memories as well as their inability to pay attention.

I predict that most Americans will continue to operate under the premise that their public servants are now their masters.

I predict that the nation will continue it's nosedive into socialism and that the economy will continue to falter as a result, that public schools will continue to churn out a sub-standard education while demanding large amounts of cash.

I would like to predict that this nation will turn itself around and alter it's current course but that is going to take a bit of effort. How about it? Are you up to the task?

Join the Constitution Party today and help make history.

Al Lorentz
State Chairman, Constitution Party of Texas
3 November 2002

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