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Voters Guide from the Constitution Party of Texas

37,380 petition signatures is "all" it takes for our party to be on the ballot in the State of Texas. I say "all" because if you've ever tried to get petition signatures, especially for something as complicated as running a third party, you will see that the number required may as well be 37 million. Those who have had experience in dealing with the State or Federal Government on petitions which are seen as a direct challenge to their status quo, will realize that even obtaining the necessary number does not guarantee that the public servants and minions of our governmental agencies will not create a further obstacle. In my involvement with this party, the Constitution Party of Texas, I have seen quite clearly how the two parties collaborate to keep third parties off the ballot whenever and wherever possible.

In an amazing display of vacuous duplicity, the State of Texas has no problem whatsoever in requiring my party to fill out all manner of legalistic forms and reports just as any other legitimate party should while simultaneously denying our party ballot access. Imagine if you will being told you must pay for a drivers license, vehicle registration, automobile tags and state inspections, but that you won't be able to drive. Because of such protectionist measures, my party and indeed many other legitimate third parties are squelched completely from running on the ballot.

Such obviously partisan limitations placed upon our election system do indeed cast doubt on just how open and free our elections are. The attitude of the two party juggernaut which has a stranglehold on our electoral process is that since we probably won't win in most of our races, our votes are somehow irrelevant. This of course flies in the face of the principled independence that made our nation the greatest on earth.

America was not founded as a nation that maintained the status quo regarding governments, indeed the Federalists such as Hamilton who suggested we form a government similar to that of the one we were at the time of our nations struggle for independence. Such a suggestion simply sought to replace one set of tyrants with another, the idea being that the new tyrants would be more benevolent than the former. Such a suggestion of course flies in the face of historical facts and belies a basic ignorance of the very nature of man. To quote Lord Acton, "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely".

Our Founding Fathers did not do what was pragmatic, they did what was right in the eyes and sight of God, realizing that the science of government was a godly science and should be approached as such. In reading my Bible I do not see God as compromising but rather as absolute. Thankfully, our Founding Fathers did not fall into the morass of relativism but rather forged a nation on absolute truths and thus gave us our United States Constitution.

Conservatives at one time stood upon absolutes and as such sought to conserve or preserve the Republic. Today, those who call themselves conservatives (but are not), simply seek to slow down the advancing cultural decay of our nation and it's political systems. Those who have any concept of warfare or even have watched a football game or two can tell you that you can NEVER win by remaining on the defensive, that you will eventually get picked off a little at a time until you are too weak to even voice a complaint, much less conserve anything at all. CS Lewis once stated "When faced with the decision of choosing the lesser of two evils, choose neither" the implication being that the lesser of two evils is still evil. This election day, I am asking everyone to vote in their local and state elections but to not choose the lesser of two evils any more than you would vote for the obviously evil party.

Who is the obviously evil party? That is hard to say, if you claim to be pro-life as I and this party do, we would have to say that the Republicans, the Democrats and the Libertarians are indeed parties which support and condone evil. While it is true that the Republicans have a stated platform of being pro-life, their track record for the past 25 years indicates they are willing to do absolutely nothing. Indeed, the president himself, the leader of the Republican party, has not only declined to lift one finger to stop abortion, he has not even mentioned the issue, perhaps he is more like his wife who is openly anti-life (or "pro-choice" a deceptive euphemism).

In the next days we will see an endless litany of strong conservative speeches and rhetoric issuing forth from politicians, some of whom actually may believe some of their prepared speeches but in reality have no intention of carrying out any of their empty promises. How can I say this? Simply because anyone who is willing to affiliate with a party that has a proven track record of voting against true conservative issues such as abortion and the US Constitution is obviously more concerned with getting elected than he is with standing for a cause or purpose.

True conservatives need to come together as we approach this election and stop voting "just to keep the Democrats out" because all we are doing is entrenching the Republican party. As I have often said, the solution to Adolf Hitler is not Joseph Stalin and voting for the Republicans, the Democrats or even the Libertarian parties ensures that we are going to continue down this very rapid course towards cultural and political destruction.

This election, do not give your votes to the Democrat party (the party that gave us 8 years of unrestricted Clintonism) who have proven themselves to be utterly contemptible and without merit. Do not vote for the Republican Party who have proven themselves to be utter traitors to the conservative cause, willing to sell their every principle for the prospect of staying in power a little longer. Do not vote for the Libertarian party even though their ideals and platforms may in some areas agree with true conservativism, their libertine philosophy denies the sanctity of life and the very existence of God almighty.

This election, remember that God will not count whose votes win the elections but rather who we voted for. This election, vote for the candidates that stand for the truth, those with the courage to stand alone if necessary as independent candidates or who have affiliated with parties such as the Constitution Party who value principle above politics.

As for me and my house, when asked to choose between the lesser of evils we shall choose none whatsoever.

Al Lorentz
State Chairman, Constitution Party of Texas
9 October 2002

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When honest people who hold strong opinions come together, it is natural that they state their opinions, and that those opinions occasionally clash. The articles that you see on this website represent the opinion of the writers, and are not the official opinion of this party. To see the official party position on any question, the reader is referred to the Party Platform.

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