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Mr. President, do you really support the troops?

As one of the troops, I see a lot of signs saying “We support President Bush and our troops”. President Bush and all the other chickenhawks have made similar empty claims. I say empty for good reason.

Recently I have heard a lot of hot air coming from the president and the Republican controlled Congress. “We support the troops” I hear but what I see is very different. For instance:

When a soldier is killed on active duty, his family is granted a “whopping” gratuity of $6,000. The White House has recently complained that this, along with other pay and benefits incentives are “wasteful and un-necessary”. I think the gloves alone on Bushes $100,000 “Top Gun”, custom tailored flight suit for his end of the war photo op cost the taxpayers a lot more than that . “Let’s Roll”!

Of course everyone knows that we troops are overpaid anyway, after all, as a Sergeant with 14 years military service, I am paid the princely sum of $2,184 a month plus room and board in some rather deluxe accommodations which range from housing that is not nearly so lovely as a federal housing project all the way down to the bottom of a foxhole. WOW! This puts the military’s compensation package on a level comparable with most any food service industry, if one considers that I am mid level management with more college and specialty training than even senior managers in the civilian sector. “Fool me once - we won’t get fooled again”

When I have the “privilege” of being separated from my family, I used to get the obscenely large sum of $250 a month. In an effort to cut costs on this war in Iraq, the Bush administration overlooked the sweetheart deals it has passed to it’s friends such as Dick Cheney’s Haliburton and has decided that I really don’t need that $250 a month. I’ve been scaled back to $100 a month, after all, nobody issued me a family, how dare I collect money for being separated from them. Bring it on.

In exchange for risking life and limb, somebody decided that paying me a little less than the manager of a McDonalds wasn’t quite enough and said that we troops should get about $225 a month for “imminent-danger” pay. Thanks to our wonderful “support the troops” president and his cronies, that has been scaled back to $150. Thanks “Top Gun”!

Then there’s that wonderful hospital food, if I am wounded and wind up in the hurt locker, I will be billed for every meal I eat there. That is yet another cost cutting measure foisted on me by our lovely Congress who realized that I was “getting over”. I am already “compensated” for meals and therefore, anything I eat outside the mess hall should be paid for. Congress, being freeloading thieves, hates competition when it comes to “raping” the taxpayers.

Meanwhile, our “support the troops” Senate and Congress quibble over whether to give me a 2.1 percent pay raise or lavish a 4.1 percent pay raise on me. Never mind that my civilian income of about $50,000 per year will be chopped in half when I am deployed and should sort of indicate to these Nimrods that perhaps we in the military are underpaid?

“We support the troops”, an empty slogan and just more symbolism from a bankrupt nation led by cowards and thieves.

In Freedom,
Al Lorentz
State Chairman, Constitution Party of Texas
19 September 2003

Al Lorentz is a Fundamentalist Christian and the State Chairman of the Constitution Party of Texas

Al Lorentz's Bio. Untitled

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