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Addicted to Spending

Addicted to Spending, our "public servants" robbing us once again

During the 90's when our economy was booming, the stock market looked as if it would never bottom out and all our 401K's were fat and sassy, the tax dollars poured in to the state's coffers. Instead of viewing this influx of cash as an anomaly, that is out of the ordinary and based upon a temporary economic condition, the state's bureaucrats and elected officials spent the money as fast as it came in.

They did not exercise prudence or wisdom by putting back some for a rainy day or, God forbid, figure out how to give some of it back to those of us whom it was stolen from. I won't go into the fact that neither the Democrats or the phony "conservatives" of the Republican party don't care one whit for the idea of limited government or spending reform. What our public servants did was to create more government programs that required a constant influx of cash to support.

Addicted to Spending, our "public servants" robbing us once again

Then the economy bottomed out and so too did the amount of plunder the state received. Faced with a looming shortage of cash, guess what the state (as well as many cities) has planned to do about it. If you guessed they are going to reduce spending, you are wrong and apparently unaware of how our politicians operate.

Instead, our politicians are now proposing more taxes and are proving that as thieves, they are quite creative and resourceful. Too bad they couldn't be equally as resourceful and creative at eliminating government spending but that would imply a certain level of integrity, honesty and compassion for the people who pay their salaries. The reality is that our public servants have nothing but contempt for we the people and see us as nothing more than tax slaves to be robbed repeatedly and severely whenever they desire more money for their utopian, big government dreams.

The Democrat plan has rightly been characterized as the same old tired liberal plan of re-distribution of wealth, i.e. shifting the tax burden to "the rich" who, as always, avoid their pathetic attempts at plunder. The liberals of course realize "the rich" of whom many are liberals themselves, will never have to bear the unfair burden they propose and frankly aren't that concerned that they escape such theft. The entire "soak the rich" mantra is nothing but theatrics for the average moron who votes a straight Democratic party ticket.

The Democrat plan has as it's real target, always, the middle class. The middle class have neither the ability to see through the charade, or when they do, they lack the political clout to stop it. After all, what is their choice - vote Republican?

The Republican plan puts forth the disingenuous idea that it is actually going to prevent higher taxes (on our property this time) by a State income tax, something that we ought to have the Republican party run out of town on a rail for even mentioning. The Republicans promise of course that the state income tax will be very minimal.

Not to put too fine a point on it but the Republican plan is precisely the same as the Democrat plan, it is higher taxation on the usual victims, the middle class. I care not whether I am robbed from my right pocket or my left as it is unwarranted theft and equally despicable.

The Republican plan is merely the same bait and switch as the democrats. By seeking to dissuade the middle class into believing that somehow the tax burden is going to be shifted to someone else, the middle class are hopefully going to buy into this charade and empower the Republicans.

Listening to talk radio, I am amazed at the so called conservatives who rightly decry the liberal plans for plunder turn right around and endorse the Republican plan for plunder. It seems that people are only outraged if they personally are being targeted initially for plunder but care not one whit if the government exercises total robbery of another class of people. Nowhere in anyone's mind is the concept that perhaps government is stealing and that it is doing so to empower itself, enrich itself and expand itself, all un-Constitutionally and therefore illegally.

I would like to propose a third plan for the state tax dilemma. Reduce the size of our government back to it's Constitutionally mandated size and eliminate the state property tax entirely. Further we should reject entirely, permanently, the notion that we should have a state income tax and any politician who dares mention this as a result should be so thoroughly excoriated politically that he or she will never have a chance of being elected to dog catcher.

The citizens of Texas need to realize that the solution to the criminal and confiscatory Democrat tax plan can not be simply the unsatisfactory, criminal and equally confiscatory tax plan of the Republicans. Rather, the citizens need to demand that their elected public servants start following the law. Unfortunately, too many citizens believe there is nothing wrong with theft so long as they are not the victims. In an interesting twist of justice, it is these very dim witted individuals who are to be the next victims of the latest tax schemes of both socialist parties (democrat and republican). Sadly, just like a soldier standing within bursting radius of an incoming mortar round, we who are against all taxation shall be equally victimized.

In Freedom,
Al Lorentz
State Chairman, Constitution Party of Texas
10 June 2003

Al Lorentz is a Fundamentalist Christian and the State Chairman of the Constitution Party of Texas

Al Lorentz's Bio. Untitled

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