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A message to the smug pro-war crowd

Lately the air waves and print media have been loaded with pronouncements by the pro-war crowd, mostly along the lines of "see I told you so", as if the outcome of the military assault by the United States and a handful of "coalition" allies on Iraq was ever in doubt. Even though we have yet to find any of the stockpiles of chemical weapons or other "Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD's)", the pro-war crowd has not ceased to crow like barnyard roosters. After all, they quip, Saddam is evil and a dictator who ran a police state and he even gassed his own people.

But I digress, the main points I want to make are as follows:

Just because our troops triumphed over a very poor military force with virtually no air power does not make our cause just, nor does it make this war Constitutional in any way. Calling this war something other than a war, such as the pathetic "resumption of hostilities" or some form of "enforcement of UN resolutions" does not make it Constitutional at all. As a matter of fact, the last time I checked, the UN was not made the official ruling body of the entire planet (despite their delusional pronouncements otherwise), UN resolutions do not supersede our Constitution and they don't supersede the Constitution of Iraq either.

Just because Saddam Hussein once gassed his own people, is a dictator and runs a police state (among other evil deeds) does not mean that our nation had any business whatsoever invading Iraq.

Just because Saddam Hussein might have WMD's, (and I have no doubt eventually we will find them) does not ipso facto mean he intended to use them, specifically against the United States. As a matter of fact, when our forces crossed the so called "Red line" around Baghdad and the Iraqi's did not fire a single chemical weapon, alarm bells should have been going off. If Saddam is bent on revenge or is "insane" or just simply suicidal, wouldn't that have been the ideal time to launch even some of his chemical weapons? Frankly this whole line of circular logic reminds me distinctly of the argument used by the gun control crowd, i.e. ownership equals intent to use illegally. (On that note, if chemical weapons are illegal to own by governments, why does our government own them?)

Just because we have suffered a minimal amount of casualties does not make the horror of war any less for all those involved. I realize that the majority of you pro-war cowards have been conspicuously absent from military service but here is a news-flash for you. When we soldiers took our oath, it was to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies both foreign and domestic. When we enlisted we did not become the mercenary slave army of a bunch of bored cowards such as yourself. The troops that did die in combat as well as the ones who were wounded as well as all of those who will be exposed to very high doses of radiation (let's not forget there are over 100 tons of depleted uranium rounds left over from the last war and while I realize science and thinking are probably not the strong suits of the pro-war crowd, uranium is radioactive and it doesn't just go away).

Just because I protest this war does not make me anti-American or a coward. I have served my country for nearly 20 years as a Marine and later as a soldier in combat arms units exclusively, I know the Constitution like the back of my hand, I vote in every election and I usually have an American flag flying outside my home to boot. I love my country and I love the soldiers that you cowards have manipulated into this war enough to insist that our politicians don't squander their precious lives as mercenaries to fulfill the distorted and highly un-American ideology of you pro-war cowards.

Just because our troops swept into Baghdad rather quickly does not mean it was without cost. This war is going to see a lot of people killed, maimed and wounded, not to mention the cost in dollars which pales by significance to the human toll. I am appalled that many of you pro-war cowards have rightly decried big government programs and spending but then you cheered us into an un-Constitutional war (that means we had no declaration of war from the Congress to the pro-war crowd) that has thus far has spent more than any of the social programs you correctly decry.

Just because the Bush administration has declared that we will hand the government over to the Iraqi people does not mean that we have in any way freed the Iraqi people. There are religious factions within that country that violently oppose one another and without the police state to keep them apart, there will be clashes. To be frank with you, none of this is any of our concern but I want to make it clear that you have not ensured freedom or "democracy" , you have simply changed riders on the horse.

Here is a quiz for you pro-war "geniuses" out there. What type of government did we install in Afghanistan after we "liberated" the Afghani's? Better yet, can you tell me if the government we helped install was a long time friend of an adversary? No answer, okay, can you tell me if the new government is oriented towards "democracy" as you so incorrectly call our Constitutional Republic or are they oriented towards socialism?

While we're on the subject of Afghanistan, just where is Osama Bin Laden, you pro-war types remember him don't you, he was the mastermind behind the 9/11 terror bombings which your cowardly little war was designed to prevent. His organization, the Al-Qaeda and the Taliban supporters in Afghanistan were not defeated by the way, they were just driven out of Afghanistan into Pakistan where we pretend they don't exist (about 50,000 of them at last count by the CIA). Of course Pakistan has WMD's also but some of theirs are nuclear too. Any of you pro-war cowards willing to sign up for that fight? Your friendly Army recruiter is waiting eagerly to see your smiling face, but I suspect all we'll see is your yellow streak.

In Freedom,
Al Lorentz
State Chairman, Constitution Party of Texas
8 March 2003

Al Lorentz is a former United States Marine Corps Scout/Sniper who later served in the Texas National Guard as an Airborne Ranger.

Al Lorentz is a Fundamentalist Christian and the State Chairman of the Constitution Party of Texas

Al Lorentz's Bio. Untitled

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