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War in Iraq: It's not going so well

Don't misunderstand me though, I never believed for a moment that this would be the cake walk that the neo-con/neo-nazi's of the new Republican party sold us that it would be. I recall quite well the airwaves being jammed with the "expert analysis" of warmongers such as Sean Hannity (who actually lectured Colonel David Hackworth about military tactics), Laura Ingram, Rush Limbaugh etc. who have, coincidentally, never served a day in uniform. To many people in fact, the idea was that this would be Desert Storm Part II, only this time we'd go all the way.

There are so many differences between the last go around in the Iraqi desert and this one that only a few of the key players remain the same. Let's discuss the differences first though.

Difference One; the Iraqi's are defending their homeland this time. In Desert Storm, our objective was predominantly to push the Iraqi's out of Kuwait and a little back into their own desert. Because of this, we were not only able to launch a massive air campaign against their troops deployed in the field, the Iraqi's didn't have time to train in the Kuwaiti terrain or put in adequate defenses. Today however, it is quite different.

Another key factor and this one is very important, is that even Iraqi soldiers who might hate Saddam Hussein are going to fight for him. How do I know this? Simply put, I hate George Bush, the Republican party (and the Democrats too for that matter) and everything about this un-Constitutional bunch of neo-facists who have hijacked our government. However, should the Mexicans or Canadians or even the Swiss (whom I happen to admire somewhat) decide to invade, I would take up arms against them without hesitation. This is not because I support Bush but rather because I believe my country is sovereign and any invader is a common enemy.

I have no doubt that the majority of the Iraqi's fighting against us in the desert don't love Saddam as the political and military "experts" are claiming but rather because they hate America and anyone else who is invading them. Because of this gross misunderstanding by our neo-fascist politicians in Washington, the battle plan that called for us to march in and accept the surrender of the bulk of Iraq's armies has taken a new twist. We are now seeing our troops engaged in some serious fighting and guess what, the Iraqi's are not surrendering in the huge numbers we predicted.

Difference Two; we are required to cross a large expanse of desert to attack the bulk of the Iraqi army. To the neo-fascist political"experts", supply and logistics are not a factor in a war, this is predominantly because their experience in war comes from watching movies and news reports, not from practical experience. Our troops rather quickly outran their supply lines in the first days of fighting, not because the Iraqi's are cowards either but because the initial terrain that was surrendered was not of key tactical importance. The further our troops get from their supply depots, the more vulnerable they become. The further our troops get from their own supply depots, the closer the Iraqi's get to their own making them stronger and better supplied.

Bush is as usual lying when he says that he never promised a quick victory. While he may not have signed a legal document stating it would be quick, he fired one of his staffers for mentioning that this war might cost us around $200 Billion. Bush has now gone back and asked for $75 Billion just for this month alone and we are nowhere near Baghdad. Combine this with the fact that our troops have run short of supplies and the Iraqi army, despite the Bush administrations predictions of wanting to surrender is showing every sign of continuing to fight. It looks fairly obvious to me that Bush has been caught flat-footed and are now scrambling for political cover.

Third, the Iraqi's are showing every intention of engaging in urban warfare. Rumsfeld, on a daily basis, parades out before the press and displays his total ignorance of warfare by declaring the Iraqi's cowards for not coming out in the open and engaging in a fair fight. The last time we see such arrogance and ignorance masquerading as leadership it was under the British who called the American colonial army cowards for fighting from behind hedges, fences and walls and then melting away before engaging in the mandatory and very costly bayonet charges.

When the war switches to house to house fighting as it will in Baghdad and it has in Basra and other cities, the body count will mount for our troops. This angers me because these brave young men and women of ours are going to die because of the idiotic, un-Constitutional and therefore illegal aspirations of a president who thinks he is a king (just like his daddy). At some point, all the rhetoric and blame-throwing of the Bush administration (I believe they are starting to blame the anti-war movement for some of their failures already) will turn this swift victory march into a meat-grinding campaign. Bush will then have the choice of resorting to using the old tried and true carpet bombing of civilian targets to force an end to the war or will have to commit further numbers of troops to the meat-grinder in hopes of overwhelming the defenders.

At some point, Bush and crew are hopefully going to realize that the Iraqi's are not fighting us because they love Saddam but because they actually see us as a threat. If Bush resorts to targeting civilian targets in Baghdad and elsewhere, the resistance will only stiffen from the civilians. Even if we do "win" under these conditions, any troops we have to station in that country are going to suffer the same fate that the Germans did during WWII at the hands of French partisans. While some losses such as these might be acceptable to globalists like GW Bush, they are unacceptable to Constitutionalists and should be unacceptable to every American. Remember, it won't be the sons and daughters of the politicians who are dying in Iraq, it will be our children instead.

To the neo-cons who pushed for this war I say, don't be cowards, go join the military today and volunteer for the infantry. Get some experience in war and if you survive, you will then be able to make valid, rational and lucid suggestions on how to handle other countries. Perhaps you will learn that diplomacy is the first resort and war is the last, not the other way around. Better still, perhaps you will realize that we are a Constitutional Republic, not an empire and that we had no business meddling in the foreign affairs of other nations in the first place. Sometimes war is unavoidable but clearly this one was not only unavoidable, it was entirely un-necessary and worse, it was entered into hastily by arrogant fools who believed that past experience is a guarantee of future success (it never is, ask any financial advisor). Let us pray for peace and pray that our troops get home in one piece and after that, let's get about the business of rebuilding our Constitutional Republic before fools, socialists and globalists destroy it once and for all.

In Freedom,
Al Lorentz
State Chairman, Constitution Party of Texas
29 March 2003

Al Lorentz is a Fundamentalist Christian and the State Chairman of the Constitution Party of Texas

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