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What it means to be anti-war
And more importantly, what it does not mean.

I grow weary of hearing the screeching and howling of the war movement. While it is of course the right of anyone to express their opinion, good manners and honor would dictate that one not express an opinion which they are unwilling to personally guarantee. The war movement are of course short on both manners and honor.

A number of rather ignorant sounding louts have produced records that talk about the need to attack Saddam Hussein in the most simplistic terms possible. Either they are incapable of stringing together a coherent thought or they show an alarming trend towards illiteracy, ignorance and stupidity in our nation. For the record, Saddam Hussein did not attack us on 9/11, it was Osama Bin Laden. Just curious but why do your songs not mention a thing about Kim Il Jong who has threatened a nuclear war against the United States? Where were you oafs when the Chinese Communists captured that Navy Reconnaissance plane?

One of the rather childish tactics used by the war movement to justify their unjustifiable war is to equate their position with an obvious assumption of virtue. As a professional soldier, one of the most sickening arguments I hear from the war movement (usually those who have never served a day in uniform) is that they “support the troops”. Liars.

If these war mongering individuals supported the troops, they would be perhaps concerned that nearly 100,000 of the first Gulf War veterans have been diagnosed with Gulf War Syndrome, the symptoms of which include but are not limited to chronic fatigue and illness all the way to birth defects and of course death. It only took a decade to get this disease recognized despite the empirical evidence of over 100,000 of the 500,000 Gulf War Veterans being afflicted with it.

If the pro-war cowards really supported the troops they would have been a little upset that, while the families and survivors of the 9/11 terror attacks received in the neighborhood of 1.25 million dollars each, our military veterans receive next to nothing and will continue to receive nothing.

If the pro-war loudmouths really supported the troops, they might ask if there were another way to handle our international affairs with foreign nations besides a war. While the last Gulf War fortunately produced small casualties among our troops, there is an assumption that all wars will be one-sided victories with little or no blood shed. Of course the pro-war loudmouths have endless excuses about why they themselves can not serve in this war, or tout their past military service (if any at all) as a license to send others to die in their place.

Unable to support their pro-war stance, and to hide behind the obvious fact that most of them are bloodthirsty cowards and bullies (redundant), the pro- war crowd like to bandy about accusations of “not supporting the troops” against those of us who oppose this unjustifiable and un-Constitutional war (along with calling us un-American and other laughable but predictably ignorant statements). Somehow the desire to not see our military deployed in a needless war and to require our public servants in Washington and elsewhere to limit our foreign relations to only those absolutely necessary to maintain a strong Constitutional Republic is seen as non-supportive of the troops. While many of the youngsters in the military have been duped into believing that this war will be a cake-walk with lots of opportunities for glory, career advancement and adventure, the realities of war force me to take a stance to protect these young and gullible souls from being victimized by the warmongers. I prefer to save our military for their stated purpose which is to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. Specifically, I believe we have over 50,000 Al Qaeda terrorists hiding in northern Pakistan and a million man North Korean army poised to invade South Korea among other actual problems. We don´t need to manufacture a crisis, we have several on our hand already.

Of course the most offensive thing about the pro-war crowd is the notion that, because we were viciously and savagely attacked by fanatics from Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan, we are similarly entitled to attack someone else and to kill a lot more! While I have no love for Saddam Hussein, I don´t recall that the people of Iraq, who will bear the brunt of the casualties and dying, had anything to do with electing him. Even had they elected him, to assume that they deserve to die so that we can prevent possible terrorism (which Saddam has yet to engage in against us despite years of our bombing raids against his nation) is the height of cowardice, precisely the sort of behavior one expects from the pro-war crowd. For the record and since the pro-war crowd donít seem to hear very well, Hussein was not involved in the 9/11 terror attacks.

My message to the pro-war crowd is simple. If you believe that Saddam Hussein is responsible for 9/11 in any way, prove it or better yet, ask the president to prove it. You of course can not do this because even the president´s own CIA and other agencies are saying that there is no proof because Hussein was not involved.

If you cannot prove this simple fact, never mind trying to prove that Hussein has weapons of mass destruction and that somehow this equates a desire and ability on his part to deploy them against the United States. Show us how such an attack will in any way help Saddam Hussein to solidify his control over Iraq and lift the embargo against his nation. You canít do this either because even a child could see that Hussein has nothing to gain by attacking the USA and everything to lose. Ahh but then I am assuming too much when I believe that the pro-war movement are capable of critical thinking. After all, aren´t you the same simpletons who believe that we were attacked because “they hate Freedom”?

But, if you must have a war, before we will listen to any more of your phony bar room tough talk, march yourselves down to the nearest recruiting office and enlist. Specifically, enlist in the infantry and request front line combat. More specifically, do it before you open your mouths again, otherwise veterans like myself will continue to see you for what you really are.

Loud mouthed cowards.

In Freedom,
Al Lorentz
State Chairman, Constitution Party of Texas
11 March 2003

Al Lorentz is a Fundamentalist Christian and the State Chairman of the Constitution Party of Texas

Al Lorentz's Bio. Untitled

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