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Tax scams

Recently, regarding taxation, we Americans are being offered two "choices" by the two political parties that are destroying America faster than you can say political Jihad. These two "choices" are in fact a cross section of the sort of "choices" we as Americans are offered today politically, namely bad and worse.

One program of course wants to steal your money and re-distribute it to segments of the population that always vote for them. The other program wants to do the same thing with their constituency. Neither party wants to truly reform the tax system by returning our government to it's Constitutionally mandated size and powers. If our Federal Government were returned to it's proper and legal size, taxation would be minimal at best.

The Democrats of course have nothing but contempt for the US Constitution except for the part of the First Amendment which they see as empowering them to speak their minds freely, while simultaneously censoring everyone else, especially Christians. The Democrats believe that the solution to our current poor economy is to raise taxes on certain elements of society and re-distribute the money to their constituents. The Democrats, for whom God is government, believe that more government is the solution to everything, provided of course that they alone are in charge of that government.

The Democrats are big promoters of class warfare, hoping that by pandering to the sin nature of the American people (covetousness) they can encourage us to go along with their lopsided tax scam. "Soak the rich" is their battle cry but their definition of rich seems to include a lot of rather average people and exclude a lot of truly rich Democrat politicians and contributors. While I do believe that there are indeed certain folks who fit the category of evil rich, they tend to be people like the Kennedy family who made their fortune predominantly by theft, not Bill Gates who made his by labor.

The Republicans no longer care about the Constitution simply because their constituents don't understand it or even know it. The Republicans believe that the solution to our poor economy is to give us back some of our stolen money (temporarily of course) and that we can spend our way back into prosperity. The real bonus, they intone, is that this will create more tax money with which to fund their version of limited government, which is actually larger than anything ever proposed in the history of this nation. I think I'd rather have a poor economy.

The Republicans like to talk about welfare queens and others who kiss the ring of Caesar for their daily bread and circuses. While the notion of stealing money from one individual to give to another is inherently wrong, and I do believe that welfare and the majority of other state run social services are fraudulent, confiscatory and wasteful, this spending represents a small percentage of the overall budget. Social Security for instance makes up a percentage of the budget nearly 3 times as large and yet each year the politicians of both parties each year don their political ski masks and Saturday Night Specials, and rob this fund blind to buy more votes with.

The tax code is 36,000 pages for a reason. The tax code is loaded with special loopholes to benefit specific contributors to certain politicians and their respective parties. A flat tax might do away with this aberration and miscarriage of justice but it will still be far too high a tax and will not address the real issue, namely that our tax system is un-Constitutional.

By un-Constitutional I mean that the money is taken forcibly from the citizenry and spent to support a government that has far exceeded it's Constitutionally mandated size and function. Even if every cent stolen from the American people were spent wisely (although it is a certainty that thieves never spend money wisely), our money and power hungry politicians would only use the excess to buy votes and to expand the size and role of the centralist Federal government.

Any solution that does not offer at it's core, and as it's primary and first objective, the goal of reducing the size and scope of the Federal government is doomed to be a temporary measure at best. A good analogy would be to liken the Federal Government to the schoolyard bully who every day takes your lunch money.

Hiding from the bully is only a temporary staving off of the eventual theft, in fact the bully will probably beat you up for hiding from him, and then take more than your lunch money. Simply giving him your lunch money as he demands, only makes him bolder; the bully will keep demanding more and more (tell your momma that the cost of lunch went up . Or else). You could take boxing lessons and learn to beat the bully up but he'll just come back with his ten inbred brothers or hire a bunch of other bullies. The best thing to do is to do away with the bully entirely, namely requiring the school to follow it's system of rules and expel the bully permanently.

Some solutions to our tax system have included variations of the above, hucksters who try to tell us lawyerly schemes to (mis)-interpret the tax law in order to trick the federal government (ahhh so Mr. Tax evader, it looks like you've got us on this one, okay you get to go away but don't tell anyone else pretty please). Other plans want to do away with the IRS entirely but this is like tying a thin cord around a hogs neck to keep it away from the feed trough, as soon as he gets hungry the cord snaps and he's got his head buried in our tax money yet again. Other plans of course offer different variations of the current system and all this does is shift the burden of taxes from one group to another in a criminal version of musical chairs.

None of these solutions is sound because they do not address the real issue, namely, we have a hungry beast that demands a huge percentage of our Gross National Product for itself. Each feeding session only makes the beast stronger, larger and more aggressive and while I understand the desire to starve the beast, this is not a workable strategy. Building walls around your own village to keep the beast out only ensures that it will go down the road and look for weaker and slower prey to devour. When the easy prey have been picked off, the beast will come back with ten more like itself and deal with you even more wickedly.

Any strategy that does not have at it's core, a reduction of the size and scope of the Federal Government, is temporary at best. To amend our confiscatory tax scheme, we must first amend our Federal Government, and this starts by not electing politicians from either the Democrat or Republican party for they clearly do not understand or care that our government has far exceeded it's Constitutional limitations. The road to liberty and freedom passes through Washington and any shortcut is merely a diversion that will send us in the wrong direction.

In Freedom,
Al Lorentz
State Chairman, Constitution Party of Texas
22 March 2003

Al Lorentz is a Fundamentalist Christian and the State Chairman of the Constitution Party of Texas

Al Lorentz's Bio. Untitled

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