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Defund Texas Tech immediately

It has become another hotbed of bigotry

One of the laments I often hear from the flat earth society who believe in Darwinian or pseudo-Darwinian theories of evolution is that there are no credible scientists who refute their claims. When you present them with a rather lengthy list of scientists who in fact do refute these theories and have a much better scientific argument for the theory of creation, the supporters of evolution will immediately dismiss these people. After all, if you don't believe in evolution, you can't be very scientific, they "reason".

Circular Logic has now replaced critical thinking.

In order to become a scientist, one must first obtain their Bachelors degree and then, if they wish to go on to higher levels such as those required for professorship at a university or any high level, graduate school is a must. Professors must write recommendations for students who wish to pursue their Doctorate and at one time this was done solely upon merit. In the days when conservative professors dominated the educational environs, they displayed their integrity by recommending students solely on their academic merits; if they did good work, they got recommended regardless of politics, race, creed or religion.

Enter the new Dark Ages.

Political Correctness is more than just a problem on our university campuses, it is actually an infectious disease of the mind which subverts free thinking and enslaves the minds. Professors at our universities have become more than a little infected by this thinking and it is beginning to show. For those who are unaware, our universities are funded in part by taxpayer dollars, that means they can not declare themselves to be Constitution-free zones as they have become.

While we are all familiar with the brown-shirted antics of the left on our campuses, shouting down and threatening speakers whose opinions they don't agree with or burning campus newspapers and terrorizing the staff, such behavior was at least reserved to the students whom we all hope will one day grow up. No longer is this the case however and we should not be surprised. At some point, while these new age Marxists and intellectual terrorists have grown up chronologically, they have now become the professors. The 60's era radicals who comprise the bulk of our college professors have now been replaced with more Orwellian versions of themselves.

At Texas Tech, Professof Michael Dini has stated in writing and on his webite that poses this question of any student seeking recommendation for graduate work: "How do you think the human species originated?" Next comes this forthright sentence: "If you cannot truthfully and forthrightly affirm a scientific answer to this question, then you should not seek my recommendation for admittance to further education in the biomedical sciences."

Excuse me "Professor", while you are entitled to your opinion on the evolution of the human "species", it should remain your opinion, not a religious test to be administered to add teeth to your intellectual bigotry.

Prof. Dini has more to say. "The central, unifying principle of biology is the theory of evolution, which includes both micro- and macro-evolution, and which extends to ALL species." He writes that an opponent of evolution has a questionable "understanding of science and of the method of science. Such an individual has committed malpractice regarding the method of science."

At one time during the dark ages, such religious tests were administered. The Salem Witch Trials were spawned by such thinking as Professor Dini's and while that was an inexcusable chapter of our history, that was some several hundred years ago. What excuse could Professor Dini offer for such arrogance, bigotry and narrow-mindedness?

Dimi states "How can someone who denies the theory of evolution-the very pinnacle of modern biological science-ask to be recommended into a scientific profession by a professional scientist?" May I state Professor Dini that they can do so on the basis of the fact that evolution is a wholly discredited theory which is losing ground every day in the face of DNA research. May I also add Professor Dini that only a handful of bigoted and un-scientific zealots such as yourself still cling, like rats on a sinking ship, to the wholly discredited theories of evolution?

Professor Dini is of course entitled to his beliefs but it is one thing to sadly cling to a discredited theory and wholly another to insist in Hitlerian fashion that it be adhered to. 40 years ago, the left asked that we on the right allow them equal access for their ideas and we graciously admitted them, despite the fact that their theories on everything from evolution to the family were flawed, socialistic and quite often dangerous. Today it is we on the right who are at the mercy of the left and we are seeing that their mindset is different, it is totalitarian, absolutist and quite ignorant.

Professor Dini is a prime example of one who practices ignorance, bigotry, intellectual tyranny and revenge against those who disagree with his flawed opinions masquerading as science. Texas Tech, by their refusal to even reprimand Dini (in fact the are supporting him, according to their chancellor) have displayed unbridled arrogance and contempt for the taxpayers who help fund them. It is time we stop forcing taxpayers to support the likes of Professor Dini and institutions which support him and de-fund Texas Tech immediately.

In Freedom,
Al Lorentz
State Chairman, Constitution Party of Texas
9 Febuary 2003

Al Lorentz is a Fundamentalist Christian and the State Chairman of the Constitution Party of Texas

Al Lorentz's Bio. Untitled

When honest people who hold strong opinions come together, it is natural that they state their opinions, and that those opinions occasionally clash. The articles that you see on this website represent the opinion of the writers, and are not the official opinion of this party. To see the official party position on any question, the reader is referred to the Party Platform.

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