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Rebuttal to the State of the Union Address

President Bushes State of the Union and my rebuttal. "There is no God but the United States Government and Bush is its prophet"

At first, I attempted to rebut the presidents speech line by line but that turned into over 20 pages, hardly the sort of thing one wants to read in their spare time, instead, let me sum up the presidents position and the Constitutional response to them.

In Bushes preamble, he promised more Federal involvement in education which not only ignores the fact that this is not in the venue of the Federal government but also the fact that government involvement in education has turned our public school system into an international joke. Without losing a beat, Bush then went on to tell us with a straight face that to protect our country he organized the Department of Homeland Security, something which is doing the exact opposite. The idea of perhaps changing our foreign policy to that of a Constitutional Republic instead of a warmongering empire never seems to have dawned on our president.

Bush then goes on to say something which I think we all agree with, namely that tax relief is going to help bring us out of recession. While the amount of our stolen money he so "generously" is willing to give back to us is better than nothing, it ignores the real problem with our recession. Our recession is of course caused by a Federal Reserve system that is engaged in the biggest con operation in the history of the earth, it is neither Federal nor does it have reserves.

Bush then goes on to tell us how it is the job of the Federal government to create jobs, as if having nearly 20% of the work force already "working" for the government wasn't bad enough. Bush pays lip service to helping small business grow while doing nothing to remove the thousands of overbearing Federal restrictions and laws passed at the behest of large corporations (who pay no taxes) to keep them from being successful. Most employers don't want to put out a Help Wanted sign as much as they want to put out a sign of "HELP, get the government off my back".

Bush then explains his version of tax relief which again ignores the real problem, it is not that we are not getting enough money back from that which the government takes from us at gunpoint, it is because we are paying for a government that has far exceeded the size and scope of that which was intended by our founding fathers. Bush reveals that his true intentions behind growing the economy is to create more taxpayers and more tax revenue! In other words, a healthy economy will equal a bigger police state, what a bonus.

"Medicare is the binding commitment of a caring society" our Socialist "Christian" president pontificated, defying every known principle and tenet not only of the Christian faith but of the conservative movement itself. Actually "Brother", faith in Jesus Christ and family is the binding commitment of a caring society. I know that this may come as a shock to socialists like yourself who worship government and seek to have it replace God in every facet of society.

Bush then goes on to explain, a la Clinton, how the government will solve all the problems and ills not only of the United States but the world itself. Not only is the Federal governments involvement in our every day lives so far beyond that which the Constitution allows, GW Bushes new world order hallucinations cannot possibly be construed as anything but imperial and dictatorial. If the rest of the world didn't hate us before, GW Bush is going to be certain to give them plenty of reasons to do so in the future.

Most egregious to those of us of faith, specifically the Christian faith which believes that God is the provider, not government, is GW Bushes faith based initiative. Any faith based organization that relies on stolen money re-distributed by their own government (or anyone else for that matter) obviously has no faith at all. Theft is still theft, regardless of how "pure" the motive.

Sprinkled liberally (pun intended) throughout the speech, GW Bush plays Santa Claus with our money, 450 million here, 600 million there, all for what are no doubt worthy causes and all of it thoroughly un-Constitutional.

At long last though, GW Bush "boldly" goes out on the pro-life limb. Of course he doesn't actually condemn abortion like he did when he was campaigning to the pro-lifers, rather he attacks partial birth abortion, a practice that is hated by a vast majority of Americans, even most pro-abortionists. Of course Bush doesn't actually offer to do anything about it, but he does "boldly" proclaim that he now sides with the vast majority of Americans about not liking it.

Then in the most amazing turn of words, GW Bush claims that it is our compassion that is going to send us on a global Crusade. "The American flag stands for more than our power and our interests. Our founders dedicated this country to the cause of human dignity, the rights of every person, and the possibilities of every life. This conviction leads us into the world to help the afflicted, and defend the peace, and confound the designs of evil men." This is the most amazing interpretation of the Constitution I have ever read. Somehow our Constitution Republic which was formed to limit the power of a Federal Government and therefore give the maximum amount of freedom and liberty to all our citizens has been interpreted as a globalist conquering manifesto. I find it rather cheeky that a president who has done more to attack the freedom, dignity and rights of the American people would have the nerve to make such a duplicitous declaration.

"In Afghanistan, we helped liberate an oppressed people". With daisy cutters, Mr. President and our "liberation" simply installed the pro-Communist tyrants to replace the Taliban tyrants. While we were correct to pursue a course of military action against the Taliban, our goal was never to liberate the Afghani people, that is not the job of a Constitutional Republic.

Bush then panders to the homosexual lobby by promising more of our money for AIDS treatment, not only here in America but all the way over in Africa. Bushes "compassion" for those suffering from AIDS appears rather phony considering it won't be his money and worse, he has done nothing to halt the murder of innocent babies in his own country.

Finally though, GW launches into what is really on his heart, invading Iraq. He first leads us through a rather dizzying array of half truths, outright lies and distortions about the war with terror which, if you listen to the president, suddenly happened to us because these terrorists hate freedom. George then explains how regimes which possess weapons of mass destruction could possibly use them against us. This of course is true and if frogs had pockets, they would carry guns and shoot snakes but neither of these true statements is justification for an all out assault on the rest of the world.

By making the amazing claim that "because we cannot find the weapons of mass destruction and have no proof of their existence, this means Bush is hiding them". This is the sort of logic that says "stick the witch in water, if she floats she is a witch and we should burn her alive, if she drowns she was innocent". Of course after Bush has liberated Iraq by bombing it into a parking lot and killing thousands of innocent civilians, he will no doubt claim that the chemical weapons were destroyed in the bombing.

All in all Bushes speech displays precisely what is wrong with the general attitude of America regarding the presidency and specifically what is wrong with this president. America has a president with limited power, a Congress with limited power and a Senate with limited power. Any power not given to these branches of government specifically are reserved to the states and the people respectively. Unfortunately, too many Americans, especially GW Bush seem to think we are a monarchy and that the divine right of kings is in effect.

George Bush, the supposed conservative has expanded the size, cost and authority of Federal government beyond where it has ever been and obviously far beyond where it should legally be. Join the Constitution Party and help us restore our Constitutional Republic.

In Freedom,
Al Lorentz
State Chairman, Constitution Party of Texas
4 Febuary 2003

Al Lorentz is a Fundamentalist Christian and the State Chairman of the Constitution Party of Texas

Al Lorentz's Bio. Untitled

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