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Dear George "Orwelle" Bush: thanks for the police state

Two years ago, at the National Republican Convention, GW Bush stated "Big Government is Not the Answer". If it isn't the answer then why on earth have our president and our equally corrupt Congress and Senate foisted on us the biggest and not coincidentally, most intrusive government ever in the history of the United States? The price tag for Bushes Police State is going to cost us, the victims, approximately 2.1 Trillion dollars (US dollars to boot!) The most galling part is that we will be forced to pay for the slave chains we will wear.

Sadly, a majority of our fellow citizens asked for this intrusive government when they squealed like schoolgirls about their personal security and gladly exchanged our liberty for the illusion thereof. As Ben Franklin said, "they who would trade essential liberty for a little temporary security deserve neither" and as usual, he was right. Any attempt to question the headlong rush into globalist slavery and abrogation of our god given rights was met with the maniacal shouts of cowardly warmongers clamoring for safety.

Riding high on the knuckle dragging support of the willfully ignorant masses who know more about their favorite television show than they do their own system of government, GW Bush and his globalist cronies have pushed through the most anti-Constitutional legislation ever imagined. Stooges in the Congress signed off on the Homeland Security Bill without even reading it, if we are to believe their admissions on the matter, and the Senate signed off as readily. I am sure both houses had to get on to more important issues such as whether or not to pass a Constitutional Amendment against the Confederate Flag or what kind of Islamic shrine to erect on the White House lawn next year.

I remember hearing GW Bush referred to as a Christian by hordes of fawning and Constitutionally ignorant pseudo-Christians who occupy most of our nations pulpits and comprise the majority of the mainstream talk radio hosts. In addition to looking only at the words of a politician as their proof of GW Bushes alleged faith in Christ, these woefully simple minded television "educated" masses truly believe that if they just get the right man elected to be king/president and give him all the power he wants, they can go back to sleep and concentrate on important things like the football game.

Because of such useful idiots, GW Bush has been able to form a system of government with enormous police state powers that make Hitler's Gestapo look mild by comparison. Most Americans sat idly by while GW Bush began emulating the tyrant Abraham Lincoln in every respect, going so far as to bring back tribunals and secret accusations as a solution for the war on terror. To the quivering cowards who truly believe that it is their governments job to protect them from any and all harm or injury, GWBush was fully justified to ask for sweeping and thoroughly un-Constitutional authority and an undisguised assault against the Constitutionally guaranteed, god-given rights of every citizen of this nation.

And thus GW Bush has now created a monster, a beast that is going to enslave us all (except of course for the ruling class who will continue to enjoy unbridled power and opulent wealth). While I fully believe that those who are too ignorant to understand their freedom and too cowardly to defend it do not deserve it, it is sad that these ignorant masses feel compelled to give away not only their own god-given rights but the rights of the rest of us as well. In a Constitutional Republic, two wolves and a sheep cannot vote on what is for dinner because it violates the god-given rights of the sheep. Sadly, America is changing from a Republic to a democracy wherein 51% of the citizens can tyrannize, rob and destroy the other 49% and believe that somehow it is all perfectly legal and just (if they are in the 51% majority that is).

In the next 30 days we will be involved in a shooting war in Iraq that we will "win" and after that Bush will have another manufactured crisis to keep us distracted. Every time we "win" a war against another Islamic nation, further terror attacks will be launched against the American citizens. At some point I would hope that the people of this great nation wake up to the fact that it is we the people who are the targets of these attacks and our political elite ruling class are surrounded by bodyguards and have protected bunkers to hide in. Small wonder they don't fear stirring up the ant nest of Islamic hatred.

After the 9/11 attacks where thousands of innocent American citizens were killed, an attack that could have been prevented (but then we did need our Reichstag fire to justify Homeland Security), our public servants set up a shadow government, issued themselves gas masks and continued on with their idiotic and un-Constitutional foreign policy. I predict that so long as our ruling class are sheltered from the consequences of their actions, it will be the American people who will continue to be over-taxed, have their freedom stripped from them and generally slaughtered advancing the global agenda. I am sure that if we ask the average politician what is wrong with this arrangement they will say "nothing at all, after all, there is a war on you know".

We must take action against these would be tyrants and political despots before there is nothing left of our Constitutional Republic. Please join me in the Constitution Party of Texas and help defend our liberty and restore the Republic.

In Freedom,
Al Lorentz
State Chairman, Constitution Party of Texas
9 December 2003

Al Lorentz is a Fundamentalist Christian and the State Chairman of the Constitution Party of Texas

Al Lorentz's Bio. Untitled

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