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I am against a general conscription...

I would however be in favor of a limited draft, one that targets a specific socio-economic group known as the children of bureaucrats. In addition to our current volunteer army (at a reduced size, minus the cold war era weaponry that is costing us billions needlessly), we should have specialized front line combat units composed exclusively of the sons and daughters of all our elected public servants. There would be an absolute requirement further that these units would be "first in, last out" shock troops to be the spearhead of any invasion. I suspect that wars would be fought only when needed and then, they would be fought to win, decisively, absolutely and with no hesitation.

The reason for these special units would not be that we thought they would help us win the battles, but rather because they would keep our nation out of the never-ending and quite needless battles that our comfortable and oh so elite politicians are fond of getting us into. These units would not be allowed to receive special equipment but would have to rely on the exact equipment used by the regular army troops and because of this, the sons and daughters of the career bureaucrats at the Pentagon and their cronies in the Military Industrial Complex would have all of their children put into the same units. I suspect that our military equipment would make drastic improvements, perhaps our radios would actually work and the boots wouldn't turn feet into hamburger meat.

These units and their bureaucrat parents would be the first to receive the highly suspicious vaccinations and test drugs that are so carelessly forced upon the working classes children who currently make up our military. Additionally, these special units and their parents would only be allowed to receive medical care during their entire life at the local VA hospital, if it's good enough for "our boys", it's got to be good enough for them. I have a sneaking suspicion that our VA hospitals would go from being a national embarrassment to becoming flagships of modern health care... as they should be.

While our troops are deployed, our special units will be right there in the hot spots. To help show solidarity with the troops and an understanding for the hardships of deployment, our politicians would move out of their comfortable houses into tents, saying goodbye to the creature comforts of home and family. I suspect that the stationing of troops in places such as Bosnia, Jamaica and other places we have no Constitutional business in would end overnight. When we did go to war, the aim would be to truly have the troops home by Christmas if not sooner.

Of course when our troops are deployed, especially reservists, our politicians will not only be living in tent city, they will also receive military pay commensurate with their years of service in the military, that would make most of them in pay grade E-1 or buck private. Since they aren't going to be shot at specifically, they would not receive hazardous duty pay, combat pay or the rest. Meals would be the ubiquitous MRE and occasionally a Hot-A ration or T-ration with a weekly shower. I suspect there would be an investigation into why the MRE costs the taxpayer about $6 a pop and is so devoid of nutritional value (I believe we called it a "snack pack" when I was a LRRP).

Pay raises will of course be handled a bit differently. Currently, if the Congress "fails" to act or vote on a pay raise for itself, it gets an automatic 10 percent increase. Does anybody else out there have this option? I wish my employer would "forget" to discuss my pay raise and automatically give me 10 percent a year! Of course the Congress, in a gesture of "solidarity" with the troops included them in this deal but for my entire life, I have NEVER seen the Congress "forget" to act on a generous 2 percent pay raise or less for our troops. Usually the headlines read "Congress refuses 2% pay raise for itself and grants this instead to the Armed Forces". With our Congress around, our soldiers are never without an enemy, either foreign or domestic it seems.

Instead, after adjusting the pay of the enlisted personnel of our military upward, drastically, our politicians will have their pay dropped severely. Of course this won't matter to the Congressmen since most of them are quite wealthy for some strange "coincidence".

Retirement should remain at 20 years minimum for both the military AND the politicians. Currently our politicians can retire after a short period. Retirement benefits and perks shall be the same for our politicians as it is for the military, nothing added. Further, our politicians will have to pay for their own haircuts and, if they continue to write hot checks (either personal or in the line of duty), they shall be brought up on charges.

Yes, I am for a limited conscription but only when it starts with our politicians and their children with absolutely no exceptions, exemptions, excuses or political "promises".

In Freedom,
Al Lorentz
State Chairman, Constitution Party of Texas
4 November 2003

Al Lorentz is a Fundamentalist Christian and the State Chairman of the Constitution Party of Texas

Al Lorentz's Bio. Untitled

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