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Tyranny Comes Naturally

Currently our airline industry is in severe trouble, despite the multi-billion dollar bail out given it by the Federal Government, courtesy of the perpetually plundered proletariat, commonly known as the taxpaying citizen. In a typical display of contempt for the American citizens (who pay their lavish salaries), our elected public servants have attributed the airline industries current problems to our "fear of flying". It seems that the would be aristocrats and elitists who are destroying our government not only think we are weak and stupid, they also believe we are cowards.

While it is true that on September 11th of 2001 several airliners were hijacked and the occupants were all killed in terrible and violent ways, those were three flights out of literally thousands. After any spectacular calamity, even with the help of a pandering and bloodthirsty media, people tend to shun certain activities (I remember the movie Jaws scared a lot of us out of the water for perhaps weeks), eventually we Americans return to "business as usual". Why then have we not been flying as we used to?

The answer is not fear but rather contempt, specifically the contempt shown by the 70,000 plus Federal Airport security employees given sweeping and unchecked power. Any American who has dealt with the naked power of the Federal Government can tell you that unchecked power and tyranny go hand in hand. Ask anyone who has been willfully and maliciously destroyed by any of the alphabet agencies (IRS, ATF, DEA and ETC.) and they will tell you a horror story of vengeance, abuse and worst of all, no redress or recourse against their persecutors (whose salaries are paid by the persecuted).

If you think there is redress when dealing with the Federal Government, you need to review the two rules of bureaucracy (Rule 1 Bureaucracies always protect the bureaucracy and Rule 2 Bureaucracies always seek to expand the bureaucracy). The Federal Government can spend millions of dollars to defend its power and to prosecute anyone who would dare challenge its power. The average citizen can barely afford the time of a trial, much less raise the necessary money to prosecute its case.

For those who are unaware, the Federal Airport Screeners have made the task of flying commercially an Orwellian nightmare. Even though the terrorist acts of 9/11 were conducted exclusively by Middle Eastern men (mostly from Saudi Arabia), American citizens are being subjected to intrusive searches akin to sexual molestation, frisking, patting down, confiscation of harmless items such as nail clippers and childrens scissors to name but a few. Any citizen who dares raise a voice of objection to this draconian behavior by these public servants is handcuffed, detained and possibly banned from further flight, something that can spell the end of a career for many citizens.

Because of this maltreatment, citizens are faced with two options, endure the tyranny or avoid the flying… guess what most of us are choosing to do. In typical stooge like fashion, the same elected public servants that created the problem are, as usual, unwilling to lift a finger to clean up the mess of their making. While the abuse wreaked on the general public by the Federal Airport Security personnel may come as a surprise to some, they do not surprise me in the least, I've seen first hand the abuse of Federal Employees and know that unchecked authority and flagrant abuse of authority go hand in hand.

The fact is, when someone is given unbridled authority with no accountability and they do NOT abuse it, we should be surprised. Human nature is of itself quite evil and only a tremendous amount of self control, or perhaps a genuine fear of God as the judge of all deeds, serve as effective deterrents to official misconduct.

There are two starkly different mindsets at work today as they have been throughout the history of man on earth. One mindset understands that man is sinful in nature and gravitates toward evil and as such should be trusted by his fellow man with little, lest he fall into temptation. Only a man who has proven himself worthy of trust should be granted it.

The other mindset of course believes in the innate goodness of man and that the solution to mans problems is more laws (written by man of course) and executed by other men. This mindset believes that all men will, when given authority and power, use it to the good of their fellow man except in rare cases which can be dealt with by writing even further laws and putting more men in charge of watching over them. Only a man who has proven himself to be untrustworthy should be denied authority.

Fortunately for America, our Founding Fathers understood that man is sinful and sought to give us a limited government with checks and balances on it's powers. Rights were seen as emanating from God and not man and as such were not to be tampered with. Above all, authority was to be local and hence, accountable.

The abuse of power by Federal Airport Screeners is therefore not an aberration but rather a natural extension of granting unbridled power to any group of people. This sweeping power has done to the Federal Airport Screeners what it has done to every other branch of the Federal Government, namely, it has corrupted the individuals and turned what was supposed to be a public service into a self fulfilling autocracy, accountable to none and contemptuous of all. This is not what our Nation is supposed to allow and only by returning our Republic to it's Constitutionally mandated size and limitations will we hope to see liberty restored.

Join the Constitution Party today, if you are already a member, it's time to renew your dues and your pledge to help us restore our Constitutional Republic.

In Freedom,
Al Lorentz
State Chairman, Constitution Party of Texas
3 October 2003

Al Lorentz is a Fundamentalist Christian and the State Chairman of the Constitution Party of Texas

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